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What is the meaning of "being up for waivers" while waiting to rank up?

My son is deployed and was recently visited by the Brigade Commander. When asked how soon he would rank up, my son's 1st Sgt. told the Brigade Commander that my son is up for waivers in a couple of months. What does that mean? My son was promoted to PFC just prior to deployment, which has just been a few months.

Sorry, I would ask my son, but it is 3:00 am over there right now. Thank You!

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    It means that the Army may allow the unit commander to waiver Time in Grade (TIG) and Time In Service (TIS)requirements. When specifically authorized, the commander can waiver up to 2 months TIG for promotions to E-2, 6 months TIS/2 months TIG for promotions to E-3, and 6 months TIS/3 months TIG for promotion to E-4.

    Layman's Terms: If your son does everything well, does not have any problems (overweight, disciplinary, Article 15's, no flags and passes his PT) he may get a waver to be promoted earlier than his counterparts with the same rank. E1-E4 has automatic promotions. Lets say every 15 months you can get promoted to the next level up. In his case, with a waver, he can do it in 12-13 months.

    Good Luck to Him and remember, with every promotion comes more responsibility.

    Hold on: Flags=bad or barred from promotion or enlistment. Article 15=bad conduct.:) you may have no idea what that ment.

    Source(s): Prior Service, Fast Tracked (promoted earier than normal to E4) then "tracking" till E6. (Tracking means keeping in case staying with normal promotion TIS,TIG)
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