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Iraqi Olympic squad banned from Beijing?

Did anyone hear about this. Do you agree or disagree with this decision?


Lenghartk - Did you even read the article? It has nothing to do with the war.

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    I find it odd that it happened at the same time that China posted its first post-war ambassador to Baghdad. I think the IOC might expect a phone call from Beijing on the "WTF" line.

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    The international Olympic squad banned from Beijing. Since we are in state of war with Iraq that was the best thing.

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    Well the IOC gave them many warnings. Politics should not interfere in the Olympics, hence why China are stll hosting the games despite their terrible human rights record. But I do feel sorry for the athletes who have been training for years and now cant go.

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    It just proves that they can't agree on sh!t,

    it's a freakin game, and they just don't get it,

    and it doesn't look like they ever will.

    Troops Out NOW!!!! I say.

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    ????? sed

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