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Are Red Foot Tortoises good pets?

Can you give me some facts on their temperment, food needs, and habitat. Oh and how big do they get?


Thanks Joe, But can you give me more detail?

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    Yes... sometimes.

    Red-foots are a popular and fairly hardy tortoise that can hit 14" long SCL (straight-line carapace (shell) measurement), although a few have hit 20" SCL. This makes it a medium large tortoise compared to the Greek or Hermann's (8"), Russian (9") and most of the North American Tortoises (8-15"). Of course, it is dwarfed by the Sulcata at 30", but is not much smaller than the Leopard at 18".

    They have a pretty mild temperament, not easily startled, not too aggressive with other Red-foots (as long as they have room, and the sizes are not too different). They recognize their owner/feeder, usually come to the feeding area when you show up, often seem to enjoy being petted or having their head rubbed. They are considered very intelligent and good at learning and problem solving.

    They live in an around rain forests, South American scrub forests, and grasslands with good rainfall. In captivity, they do best at a fairly even temperature of about 80-88F with high overall humidities, or at least a very humid hiding area.

    Red-foots raised in too dry of habitats will almost certainly develop what is called 'pyramiding', where each scute (shell scale) will grow in a sort of triangle raised over the shell, like a bunch of small pyramids glued to the shell. Some people consider this normal, but it is not seen in the wild or with proper cares.

    Being a rainforest species, it does not like a lot of light and will often hide out during the bright part of the day. Like other forest tortoises (Yellow-foot, Hinge-back, Elongated, etc.) they eat a very varied diet that is very different than tortoises that live in grasslands do. Forest tortoises at mostly fruits and greens along with some other vegetables, and about 10-15% of their diet is meats.

    There are several great sites for cares and diets, such as




    You will find that the average Red-foot will cost about $100, and a color morph called the Cherry Head (bright red head and front limbs) will run $150+. There are also dwarf Red-foots (often a Cherry Head), albino/ivory, melanistic, etc. that add to the cost quickly.

    By the way, the 1st two sites listed also sell and are good places to go!

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    First you have to look and see if its any irritation by that it will be a slight difference in the color of the eye. go to a vet cause it could be serious if it last longer than 1 week

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    they have the best personality and are very easy to take care of so they are great pets

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