Are there modern military planes that look like they are from ww2, or do they still fly ww2 military planes?

I live in rural Iowa and for the last year I have noticed a style of airplane that I have never EVER seen before. The plane is small, flys relatively low to the ground, the wings are set in the front center of the body (not jutting out of the underside like a few of the old planes I have seen pictures of) and it has a rounded or domed top. The tail is fairly flat with only a small part of it sticking up in between the back two fins and the plane its self is very streamlined and straight. It is not a commercial plane and it looks nothing like any modern planes I have seen. I've seen these planes fly solo or in formations with up to 5 planes. They are very loud and almost sound like a helicopter, I can't tell but I believe there might be propellers off of the wings. Does anybody know of any kinds of planes that still fly that could look like that? Or why something like that would be flying over nowhere'sville Iowa???


I looked up the Osprey, and the planes I've seen are much much smaller, and are not as modern looking.

This is the closets thing I can find to what it looks like. I'm not saying it's exactly it, just that it resembles this pic.

Update 2:

We just had 2 more fly by that looked way different then the ones this morning. They were flying so close wing to wing my fiance thought they were almost touching. I have a feeling they are practicing formations.

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    There doesnt need to be a base nearby, planes fly hundreds of miles on training missions, and they usually go out in the middle of nowhere to whats called a MOA (Military operations area), which is part time restricted airspace. I do not doubt that there would be a MOA, restricted, or prohibited airspace near you, they are all over the place.

    If the aircraft has two engines and two tails, it is either a Osprey or a C-2, but the C-2 is a navy cargo plane. There are not many other twin engine prop aircraft in the military.

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    What you saw were restored WW 2 airplanes. We recently had an air show here in Idaho and there were all types of restored planes that flew in. There is a place in Wisconsin called the EAA and they have a fly in every year. The military doesn't fly anything except the large B-52 bombers over 10 years old. Here's a couple of links, the second one takes a while to load.

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    Most likely Steven D is right. They were restored airplanes owned by hobbyists. You just happened to see them flying low. They can also fly high.

    The picture you included is of a WW2 training aircraft called a T-6 by the Army Air Corps or an SNJ by the Navy. There are still a fair number of T-6s still flying. They were in great demand for war movies because they resemble Japanese Zero fighters.

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    There are several aerobatic and crop dusting aircraft that have a similar configuration. Also, some countries use a turboprop aircraft similar to that for pilot training. I would guess it's most likely a crop duster, or could be an aerorbatic aircraft.

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    Possibly the T-6 Texan,the radial engine sounds very loud due to the prop tips revolving at supersonic speed.

    Lots still in service with display teams and restored.

    Take a look at 1099 php

    Most likely training for an air display.

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    The modern attack aircraft called the A-10 warthog looks a bit like a world war 2 aircraft.

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    It could be an aerobatic competition aircraft. The formations would be other members of the team. Without a picture, though can't really help you.

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