European travel tips to Benelux, London, Germany, Paris?

I am traveling to Europe for the first time for three weeks in January 09. For the most part, I will be staying in Brussels with my uncle, but I will want to get out and see the sights as well. I don't have time to visit every country but would like to visit as much as I can. Specifically, I know I will be in London for a few days and then on to Brussels. I would also like to visit the Netherlands, Luxemburg, Germany, and possibly France. Since I have never been there, I am asking for any tips at all (even if it doesn't pretain to the countries I mentioned). If you have been there, please tell me anything about your experience. I'm looking for answers about places that must be discovered, train information, weather, food, museums, FREE adventures are a bonus! whatever you can think of!

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    First of all, enjoy your stay in Europe!

    Don't try to pack your holiday with as many things as possible, but pick some places you really want to see and enjoy them...

    Having Brussels as a starting point couldn't be better:

    Good connections via train to Paris, London, Amsterdam, Cologne etc. Trains are by far the easiest way of travelling; they're fast, they stop in the centre of mayor cities and they're relaxing... Near Brussels and connected via shuttle-service is low-cost-carrier airport brussels charleroi. You can take flights to many European destinations relatively cheap...

    Some tips in the Brussels area (some have been mentioned before), all within an hours reach by train:

    - Bruges

    - Ghent (less touristy than Bruges)

    - Antwerp

    - Maastricht (the Netherlands)

    Some tips for the Netherlands:

    - Amsterdam

    - Utrecht

    - Den Bosch

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    Well being in Belgium, you can buy a Benelux Europass that will get you around Belgium, Netherlands and Luxemburg. That would be a good buy if you are going to take the train to get around, highly recommand that.

    You have to go to Amsterdam, its only a couple hours train ride from Brussels. Also when in Brussels, take a side trip to Bruges. Its an hour out by train there, really cute city. Very small and plenty to see. Its a great place to stay two nights there. That should be enough to visit most of the things to see there.

    You could go to Cologne, Germany. Again, cute town that you can spend a couple days there and visit. Also about a couple hours by train from Brussels. With France, you can go to Paris by train as well, only a couple hours from there as well and you can spend a few days out there and also make a day to go to Versaille from paris, its about an hour outside the city depending on traffic and such...or train... I drove there, from Paris, thats another great place to visit. Stay in Paris for about 3-4 days. You can see most of the things in that alloted time and then make a day trip to Versaille.

    If you go to the Louvre, I believe its Tues its free to go in after 5pm... but I would check beofre you go there on Tues after 5pm and then its not free, lol!

    If you go to Paris, must see Musueums are of course the Louvre, but also Musee D'orsay. Wonderful musuems where you get to see the main artists that most people have heard.

    Cologne, they have the chocolate factory there, and also theres some cute parks over the bridge and a cool cathedral.

    Bruges is a small city, but they have some really nice art galleries, also a wonderful town square that has shops and cafes all around. You can just wander around and always find yourself back at the town square. They have a cathedra there where theres a famous statue of Madonna w/ Child that is popular to visit. And eat plenty of Chocolates there, soooo good!!!

    Luxemburg, you can spend a day there and see everything practically. I was there just for the day and wondered around the area and that was it. Its a very clean town though.

    Over all you should have a great time. Those places I mentioned would keep you busy for three weeks most definatly

    Bon Voyage!

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    The point is Brussels is in the middle of everywhere!

    Don't forget Brugges (little Venise), Ostende (coast of belgium), Knokke, Namur.

    Then iIt is easy to go to london via eurostar train, but also to Paris (brussels, london, paris, brussels with the same high speed train about 2 hours each travel !)

    internet site

    Netherlands are very close, Amsterdam is really a beautyfull town.

    Close to Brussels there is Lille in northern France (1 hours away) which is very pretty town, easy to go and visit , not so big that you won't spend your time in traffic jam and pollution (contrary to Paris) !

    There is also Luxembourg and close to Germany (i know less this country)

    It could be a good idea to arrive at the end of december and spend new year day in belgium! The thing is to be days before christmass in London, close to Harrods (the place to be at christmass !)

    The question is also about money and exchange rate between dollar and euro. ..

    Enjoy your trip and wellcome in Europe.

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