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Stuff my shoes with socks: Why do my Knees Hurt?

I stuff a sock as a lifter to step on inside my shoes and make me look taller for about a year now. recently my knees have been hurting and when i walk downstairs there are pains in my knees. The pain is mostly under my kneecap. Does anyone have an explanation and will the pain go away if i stop stuffing my shoes with socks under my heel? Thanks!

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    You need to take the socks out of your shoes. It sounds like your body is going through some type of adaptation. Meaning that you're causing stress to a specific part of your body and your body is not able to fix it, so it will biomechanically shift inorder to remedy the situation. If you don't change the actions(sock stuffing) your body will continue to adapt and you can end up with hip pain, low back pain, shoulder, pain, etc...

    As far as the pain goes, it sounds as if your dealing with patellar tendonitis. It is usually caused by hip issues or foot/ankle issues. My advice is to remove the socks, if you're concerned about height get shoes that will give you some height. If the knee pain does not subside, get it checked out by a professional in your area because you could have muscle weaknesses due to the artifical(sock) lift. I hope that helps.

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