In the twilight series what did alice cullen wear to prom?

In the twilight series what did alice cullen wear to prom, I have to know because i'm going to a coustume party when the 4th book comes out and theres a prom theme and a coutume contest and i would like to win! XD

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    scroll to kinda the bottom :this is what stephenie envisioned

    in the book it is described as black satin dress with geometric cutouts, showing triangles her pale skin

    here is also some pictures of people dressed up on Stephenie Meyer's website

    go to the middle of the page and there is a pic of "Alice and Edward" alice looks really good, accept for the fangs lol

    Have fun !

  • Alice Cullen, is so stunning, she would look good in any dress. She chose a black dress with diamond shapes in it follow the link to see it. You can also see Bella's dress. Theses are NOT the dresses from the movie. These are the dresses that inspired her.

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    Black strapless dress with diamond shaped cutouts in the bodice.

    Go to the link below...there's a picture of the dress on Stephenie Meyer's webpage in the FAQ section of Twilight.

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    A black dress with "geometric shapes" in the waistline. There is a picture on Stephenie's site, and the link is in the souce box.

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    His pores and skin is "like marble"—very mild, ice chilly, and flickers interior the photograph voltaic. His facial effective factors are acceptable and angular—severe cheekbones, good jawline, a immediately nostril, and finished lips. His hair, it rather is often messy, keeps the unusual bronze shade that he inherited in his human existence from his organic and organic mom. His eyes, as quickly as eco-friendly, are actually defined as a gold. His visual charm changes if he is going long with out feeding: his eyes darken, starting to be very almost black, and crimson bruises look below his eyes. Edward is 6'2", and has a narrow yet muscular physique. Edward, like each and every vampires interior the Twilight sequence, possesses superhuman splendor, potential, velocity, persistence, and agility. His heady scent and voice are rather seductive, lots so as that he in some circumstances sends Bella right into a pliant daze fullyyt by using accident. In Twilight, Edward explains that like different vampires, he does not might desire to respire, however he chooses to accomplish that out of habit and because it rather is effectual to smell his atmosphere. He won't be able to digest conventional foodstuff, and compares its popularity for him to the possibility of ingesting airborne dirt and dirt for a conventional individual. besides, like different vampires, Edward isn't waiting to sleep. besides to the characteristics he shares along with his fellow vampires, Edward has specific skills that are his on my own. he's the quickest of the Cullens, waiting to outrun any of them. possibly consequently of a skills for empathy in his human existence, Edward may additionally examine the recommendations of everybody interior of a few miles of himself; Bella is the only exception to this rule, which Meyer has reported is using Bella having an exceedingly inner maximum recommendations. Edward additionally keeps a number of the classic approach and dated varieties of speech from his early-twentieth century human existence. Edward is musical, waiting to play the piano like a virtuoso. He enjoys a large determination of music, which incorporate classical, jazz, progressive metallic, selection rock, punk rock, yet dislikes u . s . a .. He prefers indie rock to mainstream, and appreciates rock and classical music the two. He mentions in Twilight that he likes music from the Nineteen Fifties extra appropriate than the 1960s, dislikes the Seventies, and says the Eighteen Eighties have been "bearable". he's impressive. examine the e book in case you haven't any longer, that's the superb!

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    Alice wore a black satin dress with triangle cutouts

  • your so luckey were not even having a breaking dawn release party :(

    if i could go i would have dressed like a vampire with a pretty black dress and a crown (like a prom crown). so id be a vampire prom queen

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    It's a black dress with diamond cutouts.

    A picture of the actual dress is here:

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    a short black dress with diamond shapes going down the front.

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    Black dress w/ diamond shaped holes in it.

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