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Nikon D80 - Good Choice and Where to buy?

I am planning on buying the Nikon D80. I am not 100% sure yet but I must say I have a good feeling (I borrowed it from a friend for one afternoon, and liked taking pics with it). What do others think?

Also, can you recommend me any good online shops?


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    Love Nikon, can't go wrong with the D80. By the way in the professional photography arena the 2 main choices are Nikon and Canon. Both make good cameras, but I like the solid feel of the D80. The Canon Rebel just feels too plasticy I would highly recommend the 80. I have used the D70 many times (work camera) and want the 80 for myself.

    Look up B&H photo online, they are a good resource for all things photography and I have had a positive experience shopping there myself.

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    Yes, good choice. Check out Sammy's Camera, Best Buy and Circuit City. Businesses are slowing down so now is a good time for negotiating prices.

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    good choice i have one and i love it, got a great deal at best buy. but also try overstock ,com. alot of knowledge is involved in this camera so brush up w/ a photographer first.

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    I would recommend you type that in on google shopping because they can find you some great deals online. I would also look at walmart and

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    yes and best buy

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