yg entertainment?

i want to join yg entertainment but im only 13 yrs old and im not on the healthy side and my parents doesnt know. what should i do? and i want to enter it.

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    1 decade ago
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    first tell your parents

    and get them to help you follow your dream

    i think your parents will hold a big role in your success if you make it to the top!

    you could get fit by working out and make sure that you have a good talent and that you're good at it!

    be confident if you go in for an audition

    and show them good personailty

    remember it won't be easy

    it's actually very very hard to make the cut

    so if you don't get excpetd the first time,

    keep trying!

    I'm 14 and I want to audition for SM Entertainment too

    but I'm not really sure because I heard it's really hard to get in these days and I wnat to make it in even mroe becuase peope dn't relaly beleive in me

    so always keep trying!

    work hard and you never know what might happen :]

    i wish you the best of luck!~

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