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Give me a comparison: What's it like to root for your favorite team?

I was going to do this as a general sports question, but I'll point it out to the baseball fans. Give me some form of comparison for what's it like to root for your favorite team.

Use this format:

Rooting for the (team here) is like (experience here). Then elaborate on why.


My comparison: I'm a Yankees fan, so rooting for the Yankees is like the feeling of a mid-spring day. Mostly pleasant, has the occasional rain shower and a few bugs, but at the end of the day, you couldn't imagine a better scenario.

Update 2:

My football comparison: Rooting for the Jets is like going in for a root canal. You know you have to do it, but it's gonna be a while and painful.

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    Rooting for the Reds is like watching a Halloween movie. Not sure who's going to be on the chopping block next!!!

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    Being an A's fan is a unique but rewarding experience. We will never have the payroll as some clubs, and we will lose our best players to other teams, but we are not going to

    bi t ch about it because we always seem to produce young guys that we can get behind and watch develop. To an A's fan I believe it's not about the players or the state of the art facilities, it's about the green and gold, the team is first. Players come and go but the A's are the same. We are not booing types, I see a lot of other team's fans whoo boo they're own players, but we don't do that, we try to stay positive, all the heckling is for the opposition, so it don't matter if you hit .225, if you are an Athletic then your our guy.

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    Rooting for the yankees is like being the richest kid in the school and being teased for it

    People hate yankee fans because the team always does well, and they always feel the need to put down the team or the fans because their team usually isn't as good

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    Rooting for the Cubs is a lot like a roller coaster. Lets take last night's game for example. I live in Philadelphia so to watch that game I had to watch it at 9:40 PM. So I just get home from work, turn on the TV and start watching the game.

    The game starts off and I feel happy because I notice that Fonzy is back in the lineup after a broken hand that landed him in the DL for 6 weeks. Remember, I feel happy already. 6 pitches later , he strikes out. Now Im sad again. A batter later D-Lee smacks one into Left-Center for a homerun, now Im happy again (Notice a pattern). The next inning, Tony Clark hits a 2 run homer and the D-Backs have the lead, now Im sad. Then the Cubs have that big 3 run inning and Fonzy gets an RBI so does Theriot and so does, you wont believe it, Ted Lilly!

    After that Conor Jackson legs out a triple and the D-Backs are now only a run away from us, now Im sad. Then comes the big 8th inning. Bases loaded, Reed Johnson at the plate. He drives one high and deep to Right-Center field, GRAND SALAMI! Now Im happy. Bob Howry comes in the game to relieve Ted Lilly. He gives up a 3-run homer to D-Backs catcher Chris Snyder now Im sad. Marmol comes in for the 9th inning, Strikes out 2 CUBS WIN! Now Im happy.

    Do you notice a pattern? Yeah, thats watching a Cubs game for ya. It can get a lil emotional.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Rooting for your favorite team is the best especially when your favorite team is playing in a big game. When they win it feels like you have won too and that the team and yourself share the glory.

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    Rooting for the Cubs is like sitting in a crumbling stadium in the middle of a gay neighborhood watching a team that has been to a world series for like 60 years. I believe that's self explanatory.

  • Rooting for the Red Sox is like beating the Yankees. because the yankees are a team that is not doing well because of A-Rod and Jeter's big heads

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Rooting for the cubs is like your sweet 16 birthday.

    when you go to a game you know that the cubs will try to put there best effort every time. you know that it will be a exciting game.

  • 1 decade ago

    Rooting for the Royals is like watching a retard try to hump a doorknob.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    rooting for the marlins is like going on the greatest roller coaster ever.

    this is because there are a lot of highs and lows but its always fun watching them

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