Rap Point of View From Rock Fans?

If you were allowed to only listen to ONE album for the rest of your life and it had to be rap what would it be? You can't pick a rap/rock band either. Has to be a straight up MC/Rapper (nas, jay-z ect.)

As a rap listener I am just curious what you guys say.
Update: And please do not say 'nothing' or 'i'd rather have silence.' I am asking an easy question. Pick an album.
Update 2: Dylan & Twigs: If you couldn't give an answer you should've not answered. If it was you guys coming into the Rap/Hip Hop section I would've given an answer.

Thanks to the rest of you.
Update 3: Zachary: Chronic 2001 you mean??
Update 4: Zachary: Unless you mean the Suge Knight compilation Chronic 2000
Update 5: Yeah Fort Minor is a rapper.

And you don't have to like Rap, I don't listen to Rock, but I still have some artists that I like.
Update 6: Rock album i'd choose would be:

Stadium Arcadium - RHCP
Californiacation - RHCP
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