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What does the term "Redneck" mean to you ,where are you from.?

The lable of "Redneck" being a slang term ,has a variety of definitions ,what is yours ?

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    Well I know the real origins of the term "redneck." The whole red bandana thing, and the miners, in the Appalacians. Aside from the real origins of the word though...

    I'm a redneck woman, who grew up in extremely liberal Washington state.

    I married a redneck man, who grew up in extremely conservative Idaho.

    To me a "redneck" has always been someone who works more physically (I farm on our permaculture farm, my husband works on the commercial wind turbines, my husband's best friend dismantals old nuclear sites....all of us rednecks), than someone who sits inside working at a desk.

    Working physically however does not mean stupid to me. The math, physics, and such that my husband and his best friend have to be able to do is amazing. As someone who farms, I have to be a meterologist, midwife, Vetrinarian, animal behaviorist, mechanic....well you get the idea. Just because someone works physically dun't men der dum.

    Redneck to me also means people who are very self sufficient, and take pride in being self sufficient. We are not the folks standing about wringing our hands waiting for the Government to come rescue us after a disaster. We are the people with chainsaws, shoves, 4X4 trucks, and supplies helping to rescue our neighbors, and clear roads for police, fire, and ambulance.

    To me "redneck" means responisble gun ownership, and being able to grow a garden that will knock your socks off.

    It means not only do I stand up during the National Anthem, I may tear up. I love my country, despite all our problems.

    Being redneck means we stop to help folks in trouble, like stuck in the snow, or dead car in the hot desert.

    It means we can figure out how to fix just about anything, and get 'er runnin again. If we can't get it runnin, we can take it appart and use all the parts for other things.

    Being a redneck means that our sons, brothers, nephews, uncles, husbands, and fathers are among the first to sign up for the military.

    Being "redneck" means we don't have to be entertained by gizmos and gadgets....we can sit by the river, in perfect silence and just watch and listen to the show nature puts on, and be perfectly happy.

    Being rednecks means we understand, and DON'T MIND that the sexes are different. The men folk can expect me to be inside making lemonaide, and sandwhiches, when they are outside putting up fence in the 90 degree heat. Just as I can expect the men folk to be outside having fun working on vehicles, just like I'm inside having fun working on a quilt.

    Bein a redneck ain't nothin tu be 'shamed of.


    Permaculture homesteading/farming over 20 years

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    Redneck Military

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    I come from what's often described as the "Texas of Canada" so we have a lot of people here who call themselves Rednecks and are pretty proud of the label. They also tend to be people who live up to the racist, bigoted, beer swillin' gun-totin' stereotypes too, and are also proud of that.

    I don't really consider "redneck" to be a good thing personally, especially when I see people like that running around being proud of their bigotry. (They usually use it as an excuse for their ignorance.)

    Most of the time, if someone is of the "cowboy" type but don't wish to be labeled as a bigot around here, they tend not to use the term redneck to describe themselves.

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    A lot of folks may use "Redneck" as a deragetory term to identify a type of middle to lower class white southern (though Rednecks can be found as far west as the Rocky's and as far north as rural Vermont) American. It alludes to ignorance (uneducated) , lewdness - or even Bible thumping, excessive alcohol consumption, gun *toting* and general ruckus-rousing behavior.

    In actuality, those who call themselves Redneck, use this term as a symbol of heritage and pride. It's not considered an insult, but a compliment. (I have always said "you can't insult a Redneck unless you make fun of God or their Mother")

    In actuality, the term derived from Celtic origin and was used to identify Irish and Scottish immigrants.

    I am fromt the south. I consider myself a Redneck. I am of Scottish heritage, I am 6th generation southern. I hunt, fish, can, quilt and I do own firearms and go to Church. I am also a college graduate, conservative independent who works in management at one of the top 5 corporations in America and I'm retired military. While I do not consider myself to be like the deragetory definition, I do have a few *Bubba's* and *Ida-May's* in my extended family.

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    It started in a small mining town, I believe in Virginia or West Virginia, where a mining company was ignoring safety and exploiting it's employees and when they tried to organize, the company sent in thugs to beat them up. The miners wore red scarves to show solidarity and became known as the "rednecks" The "redneck war" lasted years.

    Source(s): United Mine Workers of America
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    The term Redneck means that ya hunt, live of your land/the land, your from the south, your republican, GOD praisin' n' fearin', ya pro-gun, ya like camo, your respectful, and ya don't take crap from anyone. I sure don't believe in any of those stupid sterotypes growin' up in the south with my redneck family none of that crap is really all rednecks are sexist, racist, n' undereducated....naw! I got straight A's in my High School...honor roll every year! so that's what it means to me!

    -Hope this answered your question!

    -a fellow Redneck

    Source(s): myself being a Redneck. YEE-HAW!
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    In my personal opinion, Rednecks are people who stand up for our country, friends and family. We may drive trucks, we like 4-wheelin', fishin' and huntin'. We don't care what others think and do what we want within the laws of god. We fight for justice. Someone messes with you, friends, family, they argue, fight to protect them Hence the term " Getting Redneck" Yankee's might say it means "White Trash" According to my definition I am proud to be a redneck! After all, I am from Southeastern Kentucky!

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    When people in Canada hear the word "redneck," we usually picture someone like Larry the Cable Guy or Cletus. It basically means someone with poor social graces and no sense of political correctness at all, usually Southern.

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    It generally means a country dweller in these parts. There's not always a negative connotation attached to it, but often it's used in a derogatory manner. To me it's of little importance, but this is coming from a person who lovingly describes themselves as 'white trash'.

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    I'm from the South. Georgia, actually.

    Anyone who displays the Confederate Flag (whether it be on their truck, house, or clothing), puts all of their old appliances on their front lawn, loves Waffle House and Wal-mart (a little too much), is a member of the KKK (or at least agrees with their sentiments), their sister AND mother work at the same strip club, and will get in a fight just because someone pointed out that gargling with Budweiser is not the same as brushing your teeth.

    Bohemian-Around HERE, you'd be considered a "hippie," NOT a redneck. Lol.

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