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What colleges?

Hey what colleges are their for Zoology? I'm interested in being a Wildlife Rehabilitator or Documentary Maker, (having trouble deciding) Anywhere in the world!!!!! But I need to decide now so I can start saving. (I'm in 6th grade)

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    * Auburn University

    * Baker University

    * Bennington College

    * Bucknell University

    * California State Polytechnic University--Pomona

    * California State University--Long Beach

    * Carroll College

    * Clemson University

    * College of the Atlantic

    * Colorado State University

    * Cornell University

    * Delaware Valley College

    * Framingham State College

    * Friends University

    * Humboldt State University

    * Idaho State University

    * Iowa State University

    * Juniata College

    * Kansas State University

    * Kent State University

    * Kentucky Wesleyan College

    * Lawrence University

    * Malone College

    * Mars Hill College

    * McGill University

    * Methodist University

    * Miami University--Oxford

    * Michigan State University

    * Minnesota State University--Moorhead

    * New Mexico State University

    * North Carolina State University--Raleigh

    * North Dakota State University

    * Northern Arizona University

    * Northern Michigan University

    * Northland College

    * Northwestern Oklahoma State University

    * Ohio State University--Columbus

    * Ohio University

    * Ohio Wesleyan University

    * Oklahoma State University

    * Olivet Nazarene University

    * Oregon State University

    * Prescott College

    * Purdue University--West Lafayette

    * Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey--Newark

    * SUNY--Oswego

    * San Diego State University

    * Southeast Missouri State University

    * Southern Illinois University--Carbondale

    * Tarleton State University

    * Texas A&M University--College Station

    * Texas State University--San Marcos

    * Texas Tech University

    * Texas Woman's University

    * Towson University

    * Tulane University

    * Unity College

    * University of Akron

    * University of Arkansas

    * University of British Columbia

    * University of California--Davis

    * University of California--Riverside

    * University of California--San Diego

    * University of California--Santa Barbara

    * University of Connecticut

    * University of Delaware

    * University of Florida

    * University of Georgia

    * University of Hawaii--Manoa

    * University of Illinois--Urbana-Champaign

    * University of Kentucky

    * University of Maine--Orono

    * University of Michigan--Ann Arbor

    * University of Michigan--Flint

    * University of Minnesota--Duluth

    * University of Minnesota--Twin Cities

    * University of Nebraska--Lincoln

    * University of New Hampshire

    * University of Oklahoma

    * University of Rhode Island

    * University of Texas--Austin

    * University of Toronto

    * University of Vermont

    * University of Washington

    * University of Wisconsin--Madison

    * University of Wyoming

    * Utah State University

    * Washington State University

    * Weber State University

    * Western New Mexico University

    * Western Washington University

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    You're still VERY young... but it's great that you're thinking ahead... perhaps a little too far, though.

    At any rate, just think ahead for the worst. Start saving as if you were going to go to the most expensive college. That way, when the time comes to go, you'll be prepared for any situation! :)

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