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JS asked in Arts & HumanitiesBooks & Authors · 1 decade ago

Could you HELP ME with a STORY, please?

I'm writing a serial of stories about a homebirth midwife named Caroline that is based in the 50's in California. I'm thinking to make some changes in the first story. In this story, a young female doctor named Jamie, who is very pretty and looks like a swimsuit model, wants to give birth her first child at home with midwife Caroline. I NEED HELP, please!.

What is the MIDDLE NAME of Jamie? What are the NAMES of Jamie's PARENTS? What is the NAME of Jamie's SISTER? Of Jamie's GRANDMOTHER? And of Jamie's HUSBAND?. And of JAMIE'S baby ( a SON)?

About the ARGUMENT: I'm thinking that this baby will be the first and last for Jamie because she doesn't know she has an illness that will kill her. Another idea is that her husband thinks that Jamie's baby is the result of an infidelity and when Jamie is giving birth, he desires that the baby is born dead. CHOOSE ONE ARGUMENT, please!!!

Give suggestions about names and choose one argument!!!

Thank you very much!!!! KISSES:

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Jamie's middle name: Lynn, Nicole, Anne

    Jamie's father's name: Samuel, Richard, Thomas

    Jamie's mother's name: Edith, Lesliann, Arlene

    Jamie's sister's name: Kylie, Silvana, Kaitlyn

    Jamie's grandmother's name: Elizabeth, Alice, Mary, Virginia

    Jamie's husband's name: Kyle, Jack, Michael, Vincent

    Jamie's son's name: Jason, Timothy, Iain, or after Jamie's dad

    Argument: I like the second one, where the husband thinks Jamie has been unfaithful and doesn't want the boy to survive.

  • 1 decade ago

    Middle name: Jamie Juliet

    Father: Adam

    Mother: Barbra

    Sister: Keira

    Grandmother: Emily

    Husband: Robert

    Son: Isaac

    And the argument, i'd go for the first one, but what illness?

    Cause' the second one it's too used in some other stories...

    Bye, Kisses...

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