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Many people in hong kong lead a wonderful life

I do so

Sleep all day long

Swim when i am hot

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    My teacher tells me in school

    I am clever and is not a fool

    Sleeping is what I like

    Singing also and riding bike

    Knowing more boy friends is a good thing

    Assist me to do homework and we will together sing

    Telling me no lies is a must

    He should be someone of trust

    Youth time will be flying like flash

    Will treasure this moment like cash

    On the graduation day in the future

    Kind enough to send me flowers with great pleasure

    A day with lots of happiness

    People like us will be forgetting all the sadness

    Oh ! Will there be really someone?

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    I am clever and is not a fool---->I am clever and not a fool

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    thx ,,very good...

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