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Letter writing

Letter writing

You are the secretary of the general manager of the space museum. Yesterday you received the following complaint letter a foreign visitor.

Dear Sir,

I am writing to complain about the facilities during my recent visit it the Space Museum. Perhaps it was a public holiday, people generally lined up for almost an hour before entering the museum. However, I was very disappointed to find that many of the facilites were out of order when I got in. In addition, although there seemed to be many interesting demonstrations carried out by staff, all these demonstrations were in Chinese. Therefore, there were at least ten foreign tourists like myself watching and trying hard to listen but still failing to understand some of the demonstrations. Also, the museum was just so crowded and there were long queues for many of the more popular exhibits.

Overall, I think your museum has the potential to be very successful, but I do hope you will respond to my complaints in order to improve your museum in future.

Your are asked to draft a letter of reply responding to the above complaint. The following hints may help you:

(1)give the reasons for writing

(2)give the details

(3)describe what action(s) will be taken by the museum

(4)send Mr. Jones two complimentary admission tickets

(5)ender your letter

Dear Mr. Jones,

With reference to your letter dated 20July, 2004, we are sorry to hear about your experience recently at the space Museum.

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    Dear Mr. Jones,

    With reference to your letter dated 20 July, 2004, we are very sorry to hear about your experience recently at the Space Museum. We are now writing in reply to your complaint.

    When you came to visit our Museum last time, it happened to be long holidays. A lot of people lined up for admission and the waiting time is undesirably extended. Actually, we had arranged additional manpower to cope with the crowd, but the condition did not improve apparently.

    The reason why some of the facilities were out of order was that we suffered a loss of electricity supply at the moment. Fortunately, not all facilities were affected. When you got into our museum, I guess we were just having emergency recovery work to put things back to normal. We do apologize that we failed to make known the problem to all of you visitors through announcement.

    Regarding the lack of English introduction for some of the demonstrations, there was a technical problem about the broadcasting system so that the English version was missing. But our staff was not aware of that and therefore failed to respond appropriately to put it right.

    As a matter of fact, we have taken note of the problems you mentioned. As you may be aware, we have started some renovation work to expand our museum and upgrade our computer systems for better service.

    To show our sincere concern about your case, 2 complimentary admission tickets were attached for you as a little compensation. Once again, please accept our apology for the inconvenience you had. Thank you very much for your comment!! Hope you will enjoy our service next time!!

    Yours sincerely,


    Secretary of General Manager

    Space Museum

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