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How to copy music from a CD to PC or finger

I have a music CD and I wanna copy the music to my PC HDD or finger. Please advise. Thanks.

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    ....the music file extension name is "dat"...

    The general method is use "copy" & "paste". Steps as below :-

    1. Point to the file with highlight which of need.

    2. Click right button of mouse and choose "copy"

    3. Point to the storage location.

    4. Click right button of mouse and choose "paste"

    Otherwise, if your PC had installed the virtual drive program (e.g. Daemon Tools), you can use the CD burner software (e.g. UltraISO) to create the music CD image disk.

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    You can use CDex to change it to MP3 and then sotre in HD or copy to finger.

    This is an easy way and MP3 file is smaller.

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