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Open season for health insurance plans is coming up. All employees who have not previously enrolled in a health plan have the opportunity to enroll at this time. In addition, employees who are already enrolled in a health plan may make changes. Open season lasts from May 15 through June 3. No new enrollments or changes may be made before or after these date. Anyone whose family situation changed last year due to marriage, birth of a child, divorce, must make amendments to the health plan during the upcoming open season in order to assure that all dependents are adequately covered.

In order to enroll, or to make changes to your existing enrollment, please contact Shirley Wilson, your Benefits Manager. Enrollment forms and brochures describing the various plans are available in her office. If you would like someone to discuss the various options with you and to help you choose the best one for you, please e-mail Ms.Wilson to ask for an appointment.

Health insurance is one of the most important benefits offered to you as an employee of this company. Your employer pays a major portion of the cost of this insurance and offers you and your family excellent health protection at a reasonable cost. If you are not currently enrolled in a plan, it is suggested that you give serious considerstion to these benefits. There will be no other opportunity to enroll until next year at this time.


1.Who probably wrote this notice?


(B)Health care providers

(C)Insurance agents

(D)The human resources department

Update 2:

2.Which of the following describes employees?

(A)Those not covered by a health plan

(B)Those dissatisfied with their health plan

(C)Those covered by a spouse’s health plan

(D)Those ready to change their insurance

Update 3:

3.Why is participation recommended?

(A)The employer pays little, but the security is excellent.

(B)There will be no further opportunity to enroll for a year.

(C)Changes may be made in the following year.

(D)The employer pays the entire cost of the insurance.

Update 4:


2.Which of the following describes employees who would probably ignore this notification?

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    1.Who probably wrote this notice?

    答案 : ( B )

    2.Which of the following describes employees?

    答案 : ( D )

    3.Why is participation recommended?

    答案 : ( D )

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    注意開放季節為健康保險計劃出來。早先未註冊在健康計劃的所有雇員有機會註冊此時。另外, 已經註冊在健康計劃的雇員也許做變動。開放季節持續從5月15 日至6月3 日。新註冊或變動不能做在這些前後日期。任何人家庭情況去年改變由於婚姻, 孩子的誕生, 離婚, 必須做出校正對健康計劃在即將來臨的開放季節期間為了保證, 所有受撫養者充分地被蓋。為了註冊, 或做對您現有的註冊的變動, 請與Shirley 威爾遜, 您的好處經理聯繫。註冊形式和小冊子描述各種各樣的計劃是可利用的在她的辦公室。如果您會希望某人與您談論各種各樣的選擇和幫助您選擇最佳一個為您, 電子郵件Ms.Wilson 請請求任命。健康保險是最重要的好處的當中一個為您被提供作為這個公司的雇員。您的雇主支付這保險的費用的大部分和提供您和您的家庭優秀衛生防護在合理的費用。如果您當前不註冊在計劃, 它被建議, 您給嚴肅的considerstion 這些好處。有將是沒有其它機會註冊直到明年此時。永遠大概報道心臟對您簡單地

    1.Who 大概寫了這個通知?


    (B)Health 關心提供者

    (C)Insurance 代理

    (D)The 人力資源部門

    2.Which 以下描述雇員?

    (A)Those 由健康計劃

    (B)Those 沒包括對他們的健康計劃

    (C)Those 不滿意由配偶的健康計劃

    (D)Those 包括準備好改變他們的保險

    3.Why 參與被推薦嗎?

    (A)The 雇主支付少許, 但安全優秀。

    (B)There 將是沒有進一步機會註冊一年。

    (C)Changes 也許被做在以下該年。

    (D)The 雇主支付保險的整個費用。


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