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Golden Gate University

請問Golden Gate University 評價如何






重點是要不要GMAT 還有一個學分多少錢



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    The ranking of GGU is not that good. ( I think it is out of top 100) However, it is indeed a good school, especially for its instructors and good networking in Bay Area job market. Most of their instructors are from the investment bank, consulting firm, or law firm in financial district, SF. GGU just locates next to financial district. Besides, they teach u very pratical things rather than theories.

    I graduated from one of IVY league; I also plan to take another MS program there due to its good reputation, especially in Law & Tax field.

    Ranking is important, but what u can learn from this program is also important. Good networking sometimes is more essential than ranking. This is my 2 cents !

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    Oh, I forget to tell u. U do not need GMAT score unless u want to study MBA. It might cost u $2,200 usd for 3 credits.No GMAT requirement does not mean it is not a good school.

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    Taiwanese just care about ranking but never care about what they learn. But the reality is...when you go to interview, recruiters will know how much u learn in past 2 years.

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    普普的學校,not good ... not bad =)~

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    不過我不會建議我們代辦的學生去那裡,及始顧問幫他選那間,原因是中文很好笑,等妳回來時,人家問妳去美國的哪一所大學留學? .... "金門大學" =P~ sounds like 妳去隔壁離島上大學而已。 金門金門金門金門~ 所以我都不建議學生選名字很怪的學校 =P~ other example .... Thunderbird.... 不認識的會說:那是什麼"鳥"學校? =P~ 還沒進入這行業,真的不知道這是什麼鳥學校。 They're good at MBA program...

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