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Should Thailand host the next Olympic games?

We've hosted ASEAN games, SEA games, world games... what about the Olympics?

If not, why not? I don't think that Thailand isn't 'prepared'. If a country like China could do it, why not Thailand?

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    Olympics? Not a chance.

    There would be too many reasons to list, and it would make for a very boring answer, so I will stick to the more interesting reasons.

    1. Government instabilty- no country with a history of military overthrows would ever get a bid. Just ask Chile.

    2. Infrastructure- granted this is rapidly improving in Bangkok, but even in 40 years time it would not be up to the task.

    3. Space- Bangkok does not have the space required for anything of Olympic proportions. They have no Olympic quality sporting venues and so on. That would all have to be built.

    4. Logistics- If the new airport is any indication, construction of the venues would be hampered by corruption, would come in WAY over budget, and be completed a decade after the olympics are finished.

    5. Human Rights - there are so many HR violations in Thailand that are government sanctioned or the governement turns a blind eye to, that the power brokers in Thailand really do not want the scrutiny of the IOC to start to question things.

    The list goes on and on, but I think you get the idea....

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    Can you imagine. It would be so funny.

    The problems with Suvarnabhumi airport (cracks in the runway) did a lot of damage to Thailand's reputation of being able to build something correctly. If a country can't build an airport without any problem then how can it be trusted with all the construction necessary for the Olympics?

    Also, wasn't it just 2 years ago that there were tanks and soldiers in the street in Bangkok?

    Also Thailand has something of a reputation for corruption - can you imagine Thai politicans, generals, police, etc. fighting over international sponsorship money ?

    These things are not good for a country's reputation.

    China is a big, economically important country..

    Thailand is a small but lovely country with nice beaches and people with beautiful smiles.

    Not really the same qualification for hosting the Olympics.

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    The government is dying.. We haven't got space... no large arenas (not large enough for Olympics anyway) ASEAN games and SEA games are tiny compared to Olympics... All the budgets.. Imagine what the government would do to us Thai people if Thailand would be the host..? They'll eat our money... War with Cambodia may happen... I can't be bothered to give anymore reasons but NO..!! Thailand should NOT be the host.

    I'm Thai as well and of course I'd be happy if my country would the Olympic host but I really don't think we're ready for it.

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    Why does the IOC "would desire to hold the Olympics returned to the U. S. sometime quickly"? there is not any such requirement the Olympics *would desire to* be held interior the U. S. (or the different us of a) each so normally. i don't think of you realize how the approach of information superhighway hosting an Olympics works. we don't concepts-set the IOC and tell them "it rather is the u . s . a .'s turn, and we p.c. this city." instead, the IOC would desire to evaluate distinctive proposals from around the international, and various cities all p.c. it very badly. they start the approach properly in strengthen (they are already booked with the aid of 2020 for the summer season video games), and that all of them would want for example why they are the suited area in a type of techniques (masking each thing from climate to public transportation to protection to sufficient lodge lodging). The IOC then makes their very very own determination after analyzing all of the help. it rather is like interviewing for an fantastically needed job with only one beginning and applicants from around the international. At maximum suitable, the possibility of triumphing the bid is comparable to the possibility you will win the lottery. Calling it a "long shot" is an underestimation. You did not provide any motives why Minneapolis may well be the suited determination, yet whilst it comes right down to it, it is not as much as you or me. The complicated fact is, there is plenty complexity in contact interior the alternative we are actually unable to decide which city may well be maximum suitable to host an Olympic video games.

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    Well that might require a lot of influx of resources to preparing for the olympics that might otherwise have gone to public infrastructure or people in need.

    However it might encourage Thailand to work on their police corruption problems and especially fix the problem with taxi drivers in Bangkok - which is an epidemic. Hosting the olympics has done a lot of good and bad for China.

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    The 2012 olympics are being held in England.

    London, Paris, Madrid, New York and Moscow were the finalist.

    The 2016 Olympics has so far received bids from

    Baku, the capital city of Azerbaijan, Chicago, Doha Qatar

    Dubai UAE, Los Angeles, Madrid, Prague, Rio de Janerio and San Francisco.

    I would love to see an Olympics in Thailand. It would be very good for the economy and would instill a lot of pride in the Thai community. That being said do you think PM Samak Sundaravej can do something?

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    Yeah why not....

    Thailand will hold the Olympics right after building 4 X commerical nuclear power stations and completes all the "mega" projects on the go...and becomes a "hub" for everything in SEA.

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    THE ANSWER IS NO! This country couldn't organize a piss up in a brewery, and as for corruption come to Pattaya and see all the unfinished public works due to corrupt officials employing mickey mouse contractors who get paid up front then bugger off with the money leaving a mess behind, if you live in Thailand you will know what I am saying.

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    I think it would be a good country and if they target 2020, they would have plenty of time to prepare for it.

    My only concern would be if Thailand's economy copy with millions of dollars it costs to host, and construct all of the buildings etc.

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    Sure. But security will be a big issue especially if Thailand starts a war with Cambodia.

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