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What happen to Raven Symone'?

Why isn't Raven making new shows and why isn't she in Cheetah Girls?

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    Raven Symone was never supposed to be 'in' Cheetah Girls. She joined the group for the movie and was supposed to leave right after, which she did. Did you know two of the Cheetah Girls used to be in a group called '3LW'?

    If you really like them maybe you should check out some of 3LW's stuff. I think Raven is trying to mature as a singer and actress. In numerous interviews she's said shes getting more into cooking and spends a lot of time doing that. She was in that movie with Martin Lawrence, and I'm sure we'll see more of her in the future, but right now she's probably seriously thinking about who she wants to become as a celebrity and what reputation she wants to have as an actress/singer. It's hard trying to chose the right career moves, so give her some time and I'm sure she'll be back on top. =)

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    I think she wanted to branch out in her own music career away from the cheetah girls and she just didn't have the time for it.

    She did that lifetime movie a while back and has made appearances on Cory in the House.

    Plus she did the College Road Trip movie recently.

    She has been on TV since she was tiny (Cosby Show) so she should take a break.

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    Because her career is expanding. She's getting more famous. Plus she's got alot on her hands anyway. The Cheetah Girls are better without her I think. Coz I think she thought she had the best voice outta them but in actual fact Adrienne did. But hey she's a great actress.

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    Haha, good question. The last i ever heard of her was on that new movie College Road trip!

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    she was in college road trip with martin lawrence

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    I don't know

    I think she grew out of Disney

    I miss her though, she was the only good celebrity.


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    I dont know but she is a good actress..

  • Anonymous
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