I am 14 (almost 15) and I play drums and I want to make a band. But I dont exactly know how to get started.?

I am already in a band, but everybody always tells me to drop out of it because they suck so bad. But I am serious about actually being a musician in a rock/metal band. It is my dream to just travel around the world playing drums with my band. And all the people on the internet talk about like getting lawyers and stuff, but im only 14. What can I do to persue my dream at 14 years old.

Is there anything that I can do that will make my chances of being a professional musician greater, now?

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    practice on your own be all u can be and when the time is right and the world is ready u'll rock out and other will be begging you to join their band. learn to be a good ppl person. ur 14 i've had many friends go in and out of several bands cuz of drama and or the rest of the band was looking for something else. u want to be in a band what does that really mean for you. if u get good and u take care of urself physically (cuz lets face it, unless they're your really good friend, don't u want to be on stage with ppl that will give your band a good image of u to). or u could go the way of gorillazs ink and all be cartoons =D. i'm a metal head too and i know so many great musicians that aren't doing the band thing, theres a lot of competion, don't make it your life, its a sad thing when a person is only good at one thing. be the renaissance guy whose more then just music and in turn others will hear more then your average kick ass drum solo. and don't sell yourself short about being 14, ur at the perfect age to start something you love(well really any age is). ~Good Luck!~(ps see slayer live first chance the 80s bands will be leaving us soon...)

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    Great musicians don't "travel around the worl" and "get lawyers," they play great music with great skill, hence "great musician." So become that now while you're young. Learn all there is to learn about your instrument, learn all there is to know about composition, about music. Practice all the time, play with many different people, in many different styles. At 18, go to Berklee and study, I don't know, composition as the major and percussions as the minor, or something like that. But even without a formal training, you can learn what good musicianship and good composition is about, and not waste time on beginners and bad musicians.

    Once you have a decent team, make good songs. Lots of good songs. When you have a good stash, it'll be easy to look for managers and everything.

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    practise your a** off, use a metronome, listen to good drummers, watch good drummers, practise your rudiments, play along with cd's. some performing arts unis offer commercial music courses which is like rock/funk/fusion, you could do that after you finish school.

    to make a band now you just need to find people to jam with-

    check the classifieds but you are probably too young for most bands that are advertising. you could place an ad, or just keep jamming with your mates.

    keep up at school though- most people want to be rockstars at some stage- realistically you would be more likely to get to a stage where you play in a good local band but will still need a day job. good luck though!

  • 3 years ago

    my buddy is 15 and he in hi band are kinda widely used on south florida, yeah. So, in basic terms locate the right human beings. his band members are like 20 18 and stuff, connect the school band and play the drums, you will get some popularity and finally musicians are going to look at you. save up the sturdy paintings.

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  • 1 decade ago

    just stay in your band for now to continue your practice...but while your in there ask around your town about a bad as$ guitarist around your age then a base then a singer and whatever else you need. pretty much hand select your group but listen to them first and make sure they are good and dedicated.if you get the best of your town in your group practice and play for little pizza or any place that allows you to to become known and take off from there!! good luck

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