I am 14 (almost 15) and I play drums and I want to make a band. But I dont exactly know how to get started.?

I am already in a band, but everybody always tells me to drop out of it because they suck so bad. But I am serious about actually being a musician in a rock/metal band. It is my dream to just travel around the world playing drums with my band. And all the people on the internet talk about like getting lawyers and stuff, but im only 14. What can I do to persue my dream at 14 years old.

Is there anything that I can do that will make my chances of being a professional musician greater, now?

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    1 decade ago
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    I play drums too but I'm 13 years old... me and my friends are in a band but we haven't done much activity in the past year... creating a band is TOUGHER than I thought... especially with school... anywayz, you can start by making a Myspace Music home page 4 ur band... and invite people to your page... create accounts all over the internet for your band (make sure the usernames are similar or th same)...

    If not, maybe they'll be a better oppurtunity for you?... Owo... why don't you try looking for auditions?... and makes sure you take music as a coarse in Highschool and you can try auditioning for music schools... or at least study music in Uni... they teach you a lot of stuff there... fufufu... Owo...

    gewd luck!...


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    1 decade ago

    my friend is 15 and he in hi band are kinda popular on south florida, yeah. So, just find the right people. his band members are like 20 18 and stuff, join the school band and play the drums, you will get some recognition and eventually musicians are going to look at you. Keep up the good work.

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    great musicians do no longer "shuttle around the worl" and "get attorneys," they play great track with great means, subsequently "great musician." So develop into that now in case you're youthful. study all there is to examine approximately your device, study all there is to comprehend approximately composition, approximately track. prepare each and all the time, play with many different human beings, in many categories. At 18, pass to Berklee and learn, i don't comprehend, composition because of the fact the main spectacular and percussions because of the fact the minor, or something like that. yet even without formal practise, you are able to study what sturdy musicianship and sturdy composition is approximately, and not waste time on novices and undesirable musicians. as quickly as you have an outstanding team, make sturdy songs. a lot of sturdy songs. once you have a competent stash, that's going to be uncomplicated to look for managers and each little thing.

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    Well My friend is in a band one that he created. He found a drummer (my friends brother) and then they asked me to sing every once and a while! now that they have foung a bas player they are starting to get gigs all aroung my town. Luckly the got asked to play at a thing called C fest! it is where band all around come to play. They then got asked to open up a band named Doc Walker and they are doing great. You see it all started with one guy.. that one guy can be you. all you got to do is put up signs asking for guitarists then ask around for gigs in your town. soon enough you will be on your way to an awsome career!

    Hope i helped!

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