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Why aren't hanna beth and jeffery star friends anymore?

and why does everyone hate kiki kannible?

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    hanna beth and jeffree star arent freinds because hanna wanted to get some kind of casting deal or something, and the people at the casting place told hanna that jeffree was bad for her image, and that she had to delete jeffree from her online life, so she told jeffree that, and he got mad because she did that, and jeffree made it public and publicly bashed hanna, so hanna got trace on jeffree, and trace sent jeffree a mean text, and jeffree publiclt bashed BOTH of them! So now there not freinds! audrey kitching told jeffree to watch his back... hollywood drama! (:

    and everyone hates kiki kannible because she thinks shes better then all the scene queens and she makes fun of audrey kitching!!

    hope i helped!! :)

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    Hanna Beth was doing something for a show and they told her not to talk to Jeffree ofcourse she did so she would get the show and Jeffree is mad cuz a true friend would never do that!!

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