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What is the difference between vapor and steam?

Also, are there differences in terms of temperature?

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    Vapor refers to the gaseous state, regardless of temperature.

    Steam is a term used only with water. It consists of minute droplets of water, similar to fog, which form because the atmosphere immediately above the boiling water is saturated. You will notice that the steam disappears a short distance from the "pot" of boiling water. At that point it becomes vapor.

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    water in the vapor form can exist even at ordinary temperatures. It is a result of evaporation, which can take place at all temperature.

    Steam is a result of boiling water and its temperature will be equal to or greater than 100 degree celcius.

    In both, water exist in the gaseous state

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    Generally, the word steam is used to denote water as a gas with a pressure in excess of 1 ATM. Vapor is used to denote water as a gas with a pressure below 1 ATM.

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    I think it's all about temperature. Steam is produced from heat, vapor is not.

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