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If a 5 year old dying of leukemia asks you " Why do I have to die?

Should the honest answer be

" Because 6,000 years ago Adam and Eve ate from a Tree that God told them not to, Therefore they brought death upon the world. That is why you have to die"

Because I told this to my nephew ( Before he died) and his Christian parents got mad. They told him it was because God needed him in heaven and I thought this was utterly dishonest. Thoughts?

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    Tell the truth. "Because religious superstition held the sciences back 600 years, so they haven't found the cure yet."

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    Why is it that the ultra wealthy always find "a cause" and then preach at all the working people about what more they (the working people) can do? I know it's good PR, but I think it's time certain wealthy private citizens put their money where their mouth is. I do not know how you are in regard to this, so this is in no way a judgment on you. However, there are many people in similar situations as you, with wealth and influence, who merely think that "giving their endorsement" to a cause is enough. Well, I have heard that the nut inside of the pit of a peach contains special ingredients that will actually attack cancer cells in the body. It could be that the reason why cancer is such an epidemic is that few people know there is something edible inside the peach pit. Most people see the peach pit and throw it away. I also know that there has been some research on the effect vitamin B12 has on cancer. There is a book titled, "World Without Cancer" by G. Edward Griffin which addresses this specific issue in greater detail. I have not read the book myself but am very interested in doing so. So, how do we make the cure for cancer a global priority? I think the answer to that question is to better inform all nations about how nutrition and vitamins effect the body.

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    I will be fairly honest with you:

    What you believe or disbelieve is of no consequence here. It's not your child so you shouldn't try to impose any kind of direct answers in a situation like this.

    You should have left it with a simple "I'm not sure", or "It's a natural aspect of life" and told your nephew's parents that he was asking this question.

    As a parent:

    I would be upset if someone tried to force any type of thought on a child as they're passing away.

    It was rude and crass: The parents were and are going through a scenario that truly pains them.

    There is a difference between blunt honesty, and avoiding a question. Humanitarian ethics help to make such distinctions. If you don't have something nice to say, sometimes it's better left unsaid.

    This wasn't your decision to make: You are imposing your own personal moral code on other human beings. Believe what you want, agree to disagree: But leave matters like these to the parents who have cared for their child.

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    I believe it would be dishonest to tell the child that "God needed angels". That's not the reason the child must die. God has billions of angels!

    Your answer was correct. I would have told him about the same - that Adam and Eve brought sin and death into the world, and ever since, everyone is required to die once, but then the judgment. And that is why it is so important to make sure that you are Saved before you die, so that you may be resurrected to life. The child could have been given hope in this, that death is only temporary for those who love Christ.

    I remember reading a book as a child that dealt with the death of a child, called "A Taste of Blackberries". It was about two boys who were picking blackberries and one of the boys was stung by a bee, but he was deathly allergic to bee stings, and died. The other boy was traumatized by this, but the other boy's mother talked to him eventually about it, and I remember he said, "At least she didn't try to feed me some junk about God needing angels."

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    That 5 year old and other people die not because God wanted them to die or he wanted them to be with him in heaven. The only reason why people die is because of inherited sin which brings them into imperfection. What you said to that particular child was the main reason why people die and grow old. When God created man he purposed them to live forever and not to die. This was attested in the book of Genesis that there was a tree of life that was guarded by two angels after adam and eve fell into into sin. They were not allowed to take a fruit from the tree of life which will reverse the effect of the fruit of the tree that is in the middle of the garden that they have eaten. So God teach them the vital lesson of obedience to him otherwise they will suffer the consequences. Because of God's love for human he did not perpetually let human die, he took an action in order to restore his original purpose of eternal life for human by sending his son Jesus who gave his life for many and by having faith in this ransom sacrifice people who died and even those who live at present will be rectified into perfection and live eternally when God finally brings back his ultimate purpose to govern the affairs of the earth and eventually filled the earth with righteous human family that will no longer die but will experience the eternal blessing that God's Kingdom will bring (isaiah 55:11, 45:18, psalm 37:9-10, 29, revelation 21:4)

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    It is awful what this poor child must have gone through, I am sorry for the loss.

    I think it is disgusting that these so called Christians preach honesty and yet have no problem telling a LIE when it suits them.

    If Jesus was sinless then how could a child of 5 be sinful? This world of OURS is both beautiful and horrible and neither have anything to do with any GOD.

    I hope this child rests in peace and am glad atleast that now he is not in pain.

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    The honest answer would be related to the disease and what causes it. Though that might be hard to break down into child's terms. Perhaps the doctor could help with that. But it still probably wouldn't be of much consolation to the dying kid. The parents' answer may have provided consolation, but it didn't really explain anything. If the kid was inquisitive, he probably still had more questions.

    There's probably no answer that would provide both information and consolation to a small child in that situation. I guess the parents thought consolation to be more important, probably as much for their sake as the kid's.

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    His Christian parents got mad because that is a really messed up thing to tell a child.

    Whether it is dishonest or not, at that point.... He is 6 for heavens sake. He does not have the mental capacity to really understand death the way we do.

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    I am so sorry for your nephew - not only because of the tragedy of his illness and death, but for the confusion and guilt placed upon him, in his last days, by that old Bible story. Sometimes the Bible and its misuse borders on being evil in itself.

    How can we answer when a small child like that asks "God can do anything, so why is He going to let me die?"

    There is no acceptable answer to that, not even in the Bible.

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    Well, I'm hoping it was YOU who were wrong, since it seems that YOU appear to hate God more than the child's parent do! God does everything for a reason and I pray for your sake that you get the opportunity to witness from those parents exactly why God chose to take that child so young. Or perhaps even that God had nothing to do with the death of the child and it was just a genetic predisposition in the child's DNA

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    Well I'd say that is pretty funny. But pretty messed up I guess. I really think the best reason to say to a kid why they are going to die because it is natural. Everybody dies. Everybody will die. That his life just had to end, maybe for the good. Maybe he would have lived an awful life. Really I think it's just natural, even if a little kid would die. The best way for me to really answer to a little kid (maybe my sister since she's 5) I would have said "It's because it's natural. Everybody is going to die." It would be hard to answer because a little kid doesn't understand death like an adult.

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