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Why do Atheists hate religion?

If they don't believe in it, why speak hate about it? It's like cursing carbon monoxide, you don't see it, smell it, taste it, feel it, or hear it, yet it still exists.

Let the Atheists swarm upon me...


Only some religions Abby, only some.

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  • Josh K
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    1 decade ago
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    Because religion plays such a huge role in the USA government that severely restricts personal human rights.

    It's not the religion I hate, it's the idiots who use it for their own personal gain that hurts people in the process.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Hate is a strong word, but I think that religion causes a ridiculous amount of stress in many people's lives and that's part of the reason why I'm against it. People come on this website obsessing over some insignificant thought they had 10 years ago, thinking that "God" is going to send them to hell for it. Some of these people literally sound like God is monitoring every single thought that comes into their heads. People say that religion makes them happy but it's pretty clear that a lot of people would be happier without these beliefs.

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    If no one had ever complained about pollution, like carbon monoxide, it wouldn't have been cleaned up, and the air would be even more foul than it is in some places.

    The same with religion. Because religion is based on hoary myths that have no connection to reality, and many of which have been well disproved by scientific inquiry.

    Religion is also used to divide and destroy people and peoples. That earns religion the disdain and opposition of all intelligent freedom loving people everywhere and everywhen.

    Religion is a foul remnant of a stupid childhood of humanity. Its well past time to dump it into the civilised trash bin where it deserves to be, for all the EVIL that it has caused people.

    Source(s): The God Delusion: Richard Dawkins god Is Not Great: Christopher Hitchens
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    I'm not an atheist but.. What I think they don't like is how Religion or at least in the US, how Christianity is almost shoved down their throats.

    For example Abortion. Most atheist don't see anything wrong with it at all, many Christians don't see anything wrong with it either, but a VERY VOCAL minority do find it wrong and think life begins at conception. So when this VOCAL Minority tries to force their beliefs on others that where the problem begins.

    If you don't like abortions don't have one.

    Another point is Gays and Gay Marriage. If you don't like Gay Marriage Don't have one. But don't try to use YOUR Religious Beliefs to say that it's WRONG for everyone.

    A fun fact about Gay Marriage though is the Divorce rate of Gays in the Netherlands where it's been legal for sometime is the rate is 1/4 that of the Christians in the Bible Belt of America.

    Plus many Christians don't know that S & G weren't destroyed because of Homosexuality. At least in Ezekiel it says Sodom was destroyed because they stopped caring about others. i.e. Feeding the Hungry, Clothing the Needy, Caring for the Sick & Elderly. I don't know how they get they were Homosexuals from that...

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    Oh, I believe in religion, that clearly exists, god does not exist, but that doesn't mean that religions do not.

    I think the carbon monoxide analogy is apt though, you may not be able to see, hear, smell, taste, or feel it, but it still poisons everything it touches, if you spend too much time around it, it can kill you, and the world would be better off without it.

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    Atheists don't hate religion just because they don't believe in any gods. Here watch this helpful video that shows you the difference between a religious life and an atheist's life.

    Youtube thumbnail

    Please don't say any false comments just because you feel that something you believe is ultimately right.

    Edit: Just to clarify something, most of the people who believe in a god (here) are posting very false comments/answers while most atheists here, are clearly saying that they don't hate religion. Now, I think you got your answer to your question.

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    your comparing carbon monoxide to religion??? carbon monoxide has been proven and there is scientific evidence to back it up....I dont hate religion, i simply choose not to believe in lots of religions that have yet to have any real proof to back them up! the bible is a book that was written by man 2000 years does not prove 2000yrs if man has died out and then humans exist again and they find a harry potter book and start the their religion about it......well you get the picture!

    Source(s): Aussie Atheist
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    First of all, congratulations on being the first person I've seen in a long time to ask the question correctly. Keep in mind, at some points when I say 'the church' I mean the Catholic Church, and others its a generic term.

    Organized religion is as much a political entity as the republican or democratic party...and has been for quite some time. For instance, the catholic church advocated outright lies to gain political power during it's formative years (Eusebius who served as an ecclesiastical church historian and bishop. He had great influence in the early Church and he openly advocated the use of fraud and deception in furthering the interests of the Church. The first mention of Jesus by Josephus came from Eusebius (none of the earlier church fathers mention Josephus' Jesus). It comes to no surprise why many scholars think that Eusebius interpolated his writings. In his Ecclesiastical History, he writes, "We shall introduce into this history in general only those events which may be useful first to ourselves and afterwards to posterity." (Vol. 8, chapter 2). In his Praeparatio Evangelica, he includes a chapter titled, "How it may be Lawful and Fitting to use Falsehood as a Medicine, and for the Benefit of those who Want to be Deceived" (book 12, chapter 32).

    The church is directly responsible for the Dark Ages, the Inquisition, witch trials, and the decimation of thousands of indiginous people who refused to convert.

    The church is directly responsible for killing scientists (such as Galileo) as heretics, for disproving biblical 'wisdom'. It has held back scientific advancement throughout the ages, and continues to try to do so to this day (example: the attempts to put "Intelligent" design into science classrooms).

    Organized religions allow their members to feel superior to others, and at times actively encourage discrimination.

    More people on the face of this planet have been killed in the name of a god, than any other reason.

    Organized religions tend to think that they know best for all, to the point of attempting to having their worldview legislated as law.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I don't hate Religions. Or religious people for that matter.. Just that I do hate how they always say I'm going to hell. Which I do take that as a compliment. Really I do. Just... If they get to say so many kind things about me then why not say kind things back? It's all compliments in my eyes.

  • 5 years ago

    Its better to hate the holy men who made it up -- Every one is a racist --Yet they do not hate certain people of that race--- People ( or myths ) Like ST Paul ---- a supposed murderer at first--- His title is SAINT ??? Every investor Bernie Madoff had now Hates him----- He wrote them a bible statement every month--- Even the SEC ---(after examining his document ) thought they were genuine... So why hate religion -- ALL THOSE INVETORS GO TO HEAVEN AND RETIRE -- right---- Atheist even lose their social security----- The holy men who wrote or received the word of god--- ARE BERNIES--

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    atheists do not hate religion,they don't believe in God.

    your question is just a silly assumption with a question mark at the end of it, and makes about as much sense as me asking- why do Christians hate atheists?

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