I am a 21 yr. old & just want a gun that I can handle to protect myself & my home. What kind should I get?

In the next two weeks I am going to take a hundgun carry permit class and get my handgun carry permit so I am doing everything the legal, safe, and proper way. Also, I am a fair-sized girl so I can handle a gun w/ a little kick.


The reason I wanna own one is because I've been successfully robbed before and had nothing to protect myself. I don't want it to happen again.

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    kimber .45 ACP...trust me i own 2, you can't go wrong. it's not a clumsy gun, so you can easily load it in the dark and in a hurry, and its rounds have ample stopping power.

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    Try to stick to a gun with a caliber size of .40 or higher. Smaller calibers are of dubious man-stopping power. Semi-automatic handgun is probably your best choice. You will probably want a polymer-framed gun. From there you just need to find out which gun suits your personal preferences: grip thickness/style, angle of grip, type of sights, etc. Glocks, Springfield XD, etc. are all good choices.

    Also, if you are going to open or concealed carry this gun, you will want it to be of a small enough size that it doesn't become too annoying to carry and/or that you are able to conceal adequately. And although I recommended a caliber of .40 or higher, if the gun is going to be carried on your person on a regular basis, it may be more comfortable to step down in caliber slightly to get a smaller and lighter gun. Even so, I wouldn't go any lower than a .380 ACP or 9mm. .380 ACP is generally considered the smallest round that still has at least an average (not great) chance of stopping your assailant. Good luck!

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    Take the course and talk with the instructor. There is no reason to make the decision now. If shooting is part of the course, they should have guns available.

    Everyone has preferences. You need a gun that you can handle and has enough power to protect you. If you have a gun that is too small or too large for your hands, you will not be able to control it.

    Enjoy the class, and be safe. Be sure to practice regularly after you get your gun. You are safer if you are used to handling it. Besides it is fun.

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    Wouldn't want to mess with you o_O

    Anyways though, if you want my oppinion, then just try and buy a semi automatic pistol. It is a very simple gun, and there for, it is efficiant even in the hands of a child.

    A hand gun is also much better as long as you have had experience with one. If you need one for protection, and if it is ever needed, then it isn't like you would have time to aim, so just know that you know how to shoot one on the verge of the moment, or else you are screwed.

    Also, I advise on getting a hand gun, since if you got a larger gun, such as a rifle, then it would be much harder to handle in a hostile situation. After all, I doubt that any theif is gonna give someone the chance to live if they see someone taken their time to aim at them with a big gun. If you use a hand gun, then it can be concealed, so that way you will be much safer.

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    i personally like the springfield's. (springfiled armory) i have a springfiled xd. i like that brand b/c it has 2 safety features. my husband has a glock, that is what most police officers carry. i would go to a gun range indoor or outdoor, i prefer outdoor, and see if they have guns that u can shoot. we have a local place that will let u shoot all the guns u want for a fee per hour. call around. hope this helps

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    Why do you want a gun ? Your place may be broken in to and the perp could use it on you.

    People will want to steal it. You'll putting yourself in danger. It is not a good idea. You want protection get mace or pepper spray or even a stun gun.

    If you shoot a robber in some states he can successfully sue you for hurting him.

    Think about it. I don't know where you live but in most places it's a lousy idea.

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