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I'm connected and have full access to the internet; but every other minute I keep on getting a message in the status bar that says: "Local Area Connection - A Network Cable ...show more
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Before you assume the NIC or cable are "bad", first download new drivers, as that most often will solve the problem.

1. To determine the NIC driver manufacturer
look in your Device Manager section.
2. Go to START > RIGHT click MyComputer >
3. tab for HARDWARE > click button for Device Manager
4. In Device Manager, scroll down to your Network Interface Card device, double click and get the name of the manufacturer.
5. Go online to the manufacturer site > find DRIVERS
6. Download the driver you need to a desktop folder

7. Go to your desktop folder, find the driver, double click and INSTALL the driver.

8. Restart your computer > it will "see" the new driver and may ask you if you want to use it
instead of the one you have...say YES.

That should solve the problem.

That should give you all you need.



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  • partridgecut answered 7 years ago
    Check the Network Connections control panel and make sure that you don't have an extra local area connection.

    Try swapping the cable ends: unplug the cable from the computer and the modem and plug the end that was in the modem into the computer and vice versa.

    if your cable has any kinks in it then it may have a short. Cables can be found cheap. If you continue to experience the problem then it may be with the port on the computer.
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  • enSYS answered 7 years ago
    Yes you should.Normally a network cable has a good recommended service life of about 2 years.But a cable which is twisted and turned frequently becomes defective after a short while.Buy a new network cable.Even try to clean the socket (port) in which you insert your network cables with ear buds or using vacuum cleaner.See, if the pins in the socket have begun to rust then clean it with a sand paper.
    I hope I have helped you.


    Had same problem
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  • johntrottier answered 7 years ago
    Start with the cables, they are cheap and easy. After that, replace the Network Card
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  • dmasjz42 answered 7 years ago
    watch the green flashing lights on your network card when it happens.....if the cable isn't making a good connection they will go out...does the cable sit in all the way and click on both ends?
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    I'm connected and have full access to the internet; but every other minute I keep on getting a message in the status bar that says: "Local Area Connection - A Network Cable Is Unplugged". I called up the phone company, and they said the dsl connection & the modem are good. They said I have either a bad network card or bad network cables......Have any ideas? Should I buy new network cables? The ones that I am using are only about a year old.
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