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Is Hell a real place?

Are there any Christian "sects" that believe hell is not real?

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    >> Is Hell a real place?

            It is too bad so many Christians don't understand the Bible well enough, and apparently won't investigate it further, so that they can represent God with His Truth -- instead of with the lies of the devil. You see, there is no such place as hell. See these other best answers:

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            How do Christians get so confused? In this case, they see the English word "hell" in the Bible and they immediately assume all the traditions of man, associated with that word, which were passed down to us by the lies originally told by the Roman Catholic church to extort money out of parishioners. But you have to remember that all of God's Word must agree with itself. Thus, you have to take into consideration other passages which contradict the possibility of a literal hell (Eccl. 9:5,6; Psalm 13:3; John 11:11-14; John 5:28,29; Rev. 20:4-6; Rev. 20:7-15; Isa. 47:14; Mal. 4:1-3).

            Since those other passages (noted above) are also true, then that means the use of the word "hell" is merely a negative euphemism for the grave. But there is still the Lake of Fire; which is not, yet, burning (Rev. 20:7-15) and will not burn forever (Isa 47:14; Mal. 4:1-3). God is Just, but not cruel.

    >> Are there any Christian "sects" that believe hell is not real?

            If you really study it, you'll find that the Bible does not teach hell as a real place. I am a Seventh-day Adventist Christian. See this Bible study:

    Hell Fire: A Twisted Truth Untangled

    God bless.

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      Your obviously not reading a real bible you are but not all true facts God said he banished lucifer to hell an his demons were none Christians would go if they do not follow God on earth. Mathew 25:36

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    that's the elementary grave. many human beings use symbolic scriptures to objective to coach that hell is a place of torment. however the Bible says that as quickly as you die, you recognize no longer something and haven't any emotions or reminiscence. How might desire to you go through in hell. The soul is the guy themselves and is no longer immortal. yet, whether it have been something that lived once you died, how might desire to that's burned? It has no style or substance. If evil each and every physique is meant to be punished in a hell fire, then why did God no longer tell Adam and Eve they might die and circulate to a minimum of certainly one of those place? they might desire to have been the 1st ones to circulate there. Their mistake lost eternal existence in a paradise earth for all of the human race. What might desire to be worse than that? The Bible speaks of hell being thrown into the lake of fire in Revelation. How might desire to you throw hell into the lake of fire if that's the lake of fire? Rev 20:14. this suggests that death and the grave would be completed away with consistently. finished destruction. Rev 21:3 says that there will be not extra discomfort, disease or death. That explains verse 20:14 that asserts death and hades would be destroyed. One scripture states that hell is the place moth and worms are and that they are actually not destroyed. Are those souls of, or literal. and how might they be burned in the event that they have been souls and if no longer, a literal computer virus might die in little or no warmth. those verses in basic terms mean that some people who die isn't resurrected and could be completely alienated from God. it rather is punishment sufficient.

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    Yes, hell is a real place - it is the GRAVE.

    The fires of hell will be lit after the second resurrection:

    Revelation 21:8 But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.

    Source(s): King James Bible
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    The catholics are kind of iffy about hell, as are many of the more liberal sects which consider "hell" to be less of a place and more of a condition of being detached from god. There really isn't much mention of "hell" in the bible except references to "Hades" which in some cases was the name or home of some of the Greek gods, and actually a lot of Christian doctrine was the result of assimilation of earlier mythos, and the concept of hell was one of those constructs.

    If you do a lot of scriptural study you will find that "hell" is derived from "hades" which is derived from the contemporary culture of the time of the bible writers which centered around Greek mythology.

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    For everyone that says hell is real:

    1. Just because you believe there's a tooth fairy doesn't mean there is one. People believe all kinds of silly things for no good reason. That's why we require witnesses, physical evidence and not mere say so in a court.

    2. You may really, really, really feel that you were kidnapped and raped by space aliens. You may even think you remember it happening. That's not proof of anything. Ecstatic experiences in which people claim to have "divine revelations of heaven and hell" are identical to experiences of seizure, migrane and prolonged oxygen deprivation. What happens in the brain during these episodes is hallucination, not a revelation from God. Compare accounts of extreme migranes and Paul's Damascus experience for example.

    3. People can sincerely believe in a delusion and even write it down and tell others about it with great certitude. That doesn't mean they have correctly interpreted what has happened to them, and believing their claims second hand without proof is just foolish. You only so so in a religious context because you have been culturally conditioned not to demand proof of the religious claims of your culture.

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    Accept jesus and yu wont burn in hell forever

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    hell is real, the reason why people dont believe it it's because nobody ever says that they have been there, but i know a few people who have experienced hell and im not talking about someone going through troubles in the earth, but first of all, hell is a spiritual place, its not the magma inside the earth like what people state, you see, you cant investigate spiritual things using phisical scientific equepment because spiritual and phisical dont match, its like mixing water with oil. Ok consider all the people who have gone to hell, if they were to return they would definetly tell us that hell is real and they would also tell us what to do to avoid going there. but you see, it's not a matter of believing that hell exsist, it's just a matter of knowing that it does. I here alot of people say, that their lifes are a living hell, i say their lives i like heaven compared to the real hell. but like i said before hell is spiritual and it's impossible to investigate with scientific knowledge wether it's real or not, but when people think of hell they think about the fire, but it's not all about fire, when ur in hell you experience alot of suffering like it's hard to breath, you'll be staving big time, your thirsty and exhausted, and you cant sleep, when u try to sleep the demons down there, they just dig their massive claws on your body, worst thing about that is no matter what punishment thats capable of killing a person u cant die. hell is madness but like i said its not a matter of believing, it's all a matter of knowing that it does exsist, and havin to find out what to do to avoid going there and takin advantage of the solution, coz u dont wanna find out that its real when u get there, and you'll be stuck down there and u start thinking to your self, all this time while I was on earth, and i heard people say hell is real and i did'nt believe it, you dont wanna find your self there do you?

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    Hell is actually several real places....

    Hell, California, U.S

    Hell, Michigan, U.S.

    Hell, Grand Cayman, the Cayman Islands

    Hell, Norway, a village in Stjørdal

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    Most Christians believe in hell. Jews, however, don't believe in hell.

    I very much doubt that it's a real place.

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    If I am a believer, then I follow the word of God, following the word of God means that I believe in Revelations and the end of time. So yes, as a believer I believe there is a hell.....

    AZKNIGHT...I drive thru Dallas every week....if people want to know what a taste of hell is...come join the Dallasites! LOL

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