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Nfl which Nfl rookie will have the best year? out of these rookies or some one else?

and which will be a burst

Miami Long, Jake OT

St. Louis Long, Chris DE

Atlanta Ryan, Matt QB

Oakland McFadden, Darren RB

Kansas City Dorsey, Glenn DT

NY Jets Gholston, Vernon DE

New Orleans Ellis, Sedrick

Carolina Stewart, Jonathan RB

Chicago Williams, Chris OT

Kansas City Albert, Branden OG

Arizona Rodgers-Cromartie, Dominique CB

Detroit Cherilus, Gosder OT

Baltimore Flacco, Joe QB

Carolina Otah, Jeff

NY Giants Phillips, Kenny

Nelson, Jordy

Rice, Ray

Garcon, Pierre WR 6'0" 210 Mount Union

) Nakamura, Haruki FS Cincinnati

Ellis, Chris


Jones, Felix

Bennett, Martellus Texas A&M

Carlson, John Notre Dame

Cottam, Brad Tennessee

Davis, Fred Southern Cal

Keller, Dustin

Adibi, Xavier Virginia Tech

Connor, Dan Penn State

Dizon, Jordon Colorado

Henderson, Erin Maryland

Lofton, Curtis Oklahoma

Rivers, Keith

Brooks, Durant Georgia Tech

Carmody, Art Louisville

Coutu, Brandon Georgia

Dragosavich, Mike

Update 2:

Pressley, DeMario

Dixon, Marcus

Charles, Jamaal

Boyd, Cory

Update 3:

Chris Johnson

Update 4:

Hardy, James

Henne, Chad

Lee, Patrick

Cottam, Brad

Sims, Pat

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    big glenn dorsey baby

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    You forgot about Matt Forte.He is an every down back which means more yards. He is bigger than Kevin Jones so he should get the goalline carries which means more touchdowns.Plus Kevin Jones was placed on the PUP list which means he can't play until week 6 so until week 6 Matt Forte will get all the carries.(You can make an argument with Mendenhall,Stewart, and McFadden...and maybe Felix Jones)

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    actual McFadden. He ran a 4.3 sec 40 backyard sprint on the combine. no longer in basic terms is he rapid he's a sturdy runner that may no longer afraid to take a fulfillment. He performed interior the SEC so he's already used to being pounded week after week. He additionally had the main manufacturing out of all of them in college and he did so splitting consists of with Felix Jones. McFadden is the glaring decision. there's a reason he complete 2d interior the Heisman vote casting final 365 days.

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    Matt Forte

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  • Fletch
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    Ryan Torain - Broncos Running back. This kid is a sleeper and a kid who can push up the middle ala Jones Drew. He'll be the Broncos starter in that coveted running game by week 8.

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    Derrick Harvey

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    Chris Johnson - Tennessee Titans.

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    Felix Jones will have a good rookie season because he already know what his role is going to be on the team. He will have less pressure on him to put up numbers. Matt Ryan, what can I say but good luck kid you are going to need it.

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    Rashad Mendenhall total workhorse

  • Anonymous
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    Ryan Clady - Denver Broncos

    he's been handed the starting job, so let's see what he can do

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    Darren Mcfadden has come!

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