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Will smoking marijuana once a week,truely effect your health in any harmfull way?


Started Smoking= 2-3 months ago(only marijuana, not cigarettes)


No bias opinions, just want to know the truth, along with its facts, thank you :)

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    (There was a question on marijuana use (a bit more technical than yours) that has been deleted -- so posting my answer here instead, hopefully appropriate)

    Oh come on – (& don’t know why this in “Alternative Medicine” section – any medicinal properties debatable) – maybe someone can post a question, how do you dissolve substance & the proper way to inject into your arm – is this becoming a Forum for druggies & junkies? If smoking (toking) for recreational use, your personal life, but don’t know why exchanging advice – (funny, if you don’t know how to do it, doing the whole thing wrong or too stoned whatever) – And about marijuana in general, people ask maybe there’s nothing wrong, no harmful effects -- & I always think of Bob Marley – died of brain cancer lung cancer & God knows what else. (how can anyone inhale that stuff – a lot more tar etc. than cigarettes even -- & think there’s no problem.) Any answers (advice) in this section is maybe condoning drug-use?

    In 1970’s “been there / done that / got the T-shirt”, I experimented – but would say now get rid of all that crap, try & live a natural life – endorphins etc “Nature’s Way” of feeling High, when have a good lifestyle.

    To GoPro

    Also, study in “Lancet” (medical journal, England) – there’s a probable connection between marijuana use & related schizophrenia – not surprising, the stuff puts you in “outer space” to some extent – so possibly link between pot-smoking & drug-induced mental illness

    Source(s): Are_You_Experienced (Dead Jimi)
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    well, the smoke is bad for your lungs and throut probably, but it depends how much you smoke at a time, and once a week isnt that bad, if you dont want the risks of the smoke but still want to get high, there are vaporizers that just heat the weed so you get the thc, but no smoke, but those can be expensive, you can also do edibles, like cookies and brownies

    marijuana itself isnt bad for you, its the smoke, but you should be fine if you dont smoke too much and only once a week

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    Well, i guess in the long run it can kill a few brain cells but nothing major. There have been no deaths from marijuana. Personally I have been smoking it for 8 years and have never had a problem with it (i smoke it a few times a day). I know many people that have been smoking it for longer than me and have no problems. Hope that helps :)

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    1 decade ago

    Smoking any marijuana isn't good for your lungs, because of the tar produced by smoking it in joint or reefer form. I you vaporize it you'll get a much more powerful effect, and there's no tar. Still, you're not going to an early grave.

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    Smoking ganja is bad for the lungs, however once per week is not a death sentence. The problem is that most people who start smoking once per week eventually increase their dosage. Regardless of what smokers tell you, marijuana is an addictive drug. It artificially duplicates natural endorphins (brain hormones). After the body gets used to the artificial chemicals, it requires them to feel "good".

    Be careful.

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    Probably not but smoke of any kind is not good for your lungs. And there is slight chance you will become addicted, not to the drug but to the habit. Good Luck

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    smoking isn't good for your health because once arrested, you will become an inmates girlfriend...which could lead to a venereal disease

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    No. Just don't let it go beyond once a week.

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