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Do Army Drill Sergeants still wear 'Brown Rounds'?

I was watching an Army commercial on AFN and they interviewed a Drill Sergeant. He had his patrol cap on. And there was a rumor that the Army was getting rid of the Drill Sgts altogether.

If this is true, it would be a travesty!


I wasn't believing any rumor, I was just telling what the rumor was!

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    I work at Ft Jackson and believe me, the DSs are still wearing the brown rounds for males and the campaign hats for females. Those aren't going away.

    What you saw might have been them doing field training. Brown rounds + branches and small enclosures = bad for the hat.

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    Just like a bear crapping in the woods...they still do!

    What the change is for AIT Drills for supoort/service support MOSs. There isn't need for Drills there anymore. DA wants to implement having the trainees to get use to what they will see at their unit...a squad leader and platoon sergeant, not a Drill Sergeant. That's all. Still a NCO leading and training, just no hat. Same standards. No rumours. It's fact and is old news, way old news since late 2007/early 2008. Stop believing rumours and get the

    "In addition to the consolidation of drill sergeant training, drill sergeants are no longer a fixture at the Army’s Advanced Individual Training centers and schools. Since Jan. 1, drill sergeant positions at AIT have been filled by platoon sergeants in an effort to replicate more quickly for new soldiers the structure of the operational Army."

    Source(s): US Army former Basic Trainee instructor at FT. Sill
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    Yes, drill sergeants still wear brown rounds.

    The origin of the rumor is that the Army is having non-drill sergeants lead soldiers in their AIT (Advanced Individual Training) but drill sergeants will still be running basic training.

    The drill sergeant being interviewed may have been in the field and was wearing his patrol cap for that reason.

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    Brown Rounds

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    They are only phasing out Drill Sergeants out of most AIT schools. Combat arms AIT will probably still have Drill Sergeants.

    Source(s): They were replacing Drill Sergeants with Platoon Sergeants in Fort Huachua last year for 35F school.
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    yeah they are getting rid of drill seargents.

    they are going to get drill instructors and the recruts are going to **** there pants.

    also they are going to extend boot camp to 13 weeks.

    and they are goin to be trained in parris island.

    the are going to become real men.

    Source(s): usmc
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    They are not getting rid of DS. They do still wear the hats also, at least a month ago when I saw one he was.

    Source(s): Army Wife
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    IDK but maybe this is relevent to the discussion

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