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Ad-Aware 2008 or Spybots Search and Destroy?

Which one should I get?

Are there any better free antispywares out there?

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    Use both of them. Unlike AV's, you can have as many anti-spyware softwares installed on your computer as you would like. Keep in mind that one is not a cure-all. Each one scans your computer in different ways, and searches for different nasties. In addition to the two that you mentioned, you should also get these two additional softwares. Both are free and will enhance your protection.

    Windows Defender (from MS, but not created by MS...they bought it)

    Spyware Blaster- This software from JavaCool is the foremost in blocking ActiveX Control infestations. You do not need to scan with this software, just download, install, update, and enable all protection. This software will only work if you are using IE or Firefox as a browser.

    Unfortunately this all needs to be done. Also, understand, that these are not anti-virus software and will NOT protect you against viruses. Make sure that your AV is up to date and running.

    One last note, you also have to have a good Firewall as this is your first line against infestations. Windows Firewall is OK, but not great. A router will protect you against all incoming problems, but will not protect you from outgoing. A software firewall is your best bet. There are a few good ones out there for free. Here are links...

    You only need one firewall.

    Hope this info helps you!!!

    Good Luck!!!

    Made on a Mac!!!!

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    My preference has always been Ad-aware. It just seems to work better all the way around and easier to use, in my opinion.

    I have used Spybot and got rid of it. Just wasn't what I was looking for.

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    Neither. Try Avast. It's also free, and gets better reviews and test lab ratings.

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    I use both. A combination keeps out all the unwanted stuff!

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    Use both. Download them from their producers' sites.

    Hope that helps.

    Source(s): Note: There ARE free versions of these programs on the websites listed. They just may not be obvious. Ad-Aware 2008 (free): Spybot S & D (free):
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    1 decade ago

    I use both, between them they find most all the nasties

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    Well I think you should be fine, but I would use AVGFREE. It is one of the best virus protection, and it is free!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    add aware works wonders.

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    i use both but i think i like adaware more, because it updates more often. and it seems more thorough

  • John S
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    1 decade ago

    both are good programs.

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