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What continent is Costa Rica actually located on?

I know people say, "Central America." But really which is it on? North America or South America? Any answers helps. Please provide links or proof.

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    It is in North America. North America extends all the way through Panama and ends at Colombia, and includes all Central American nations.

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    Wow.... some of the posters above really need a map. The land mass known as North America contains all of Costa Rica (and part of Panama). Yes, it is in Central America, but North America includes EVERYTHING on the CONTINENTAL SHELF. The Continental Shelf is how various continents are decided... North America actually includes Canada, The USA, Mexico, All Central American Countries, almost all Carribean Islands, including the lesser antillies. So the simple answer: "Costa Rica is part of North America".

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    Jordan B, Central America is a part of N. America. So Costa Rica is an North American nation.

  • Anonymous
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    "Continents are understood to be large, continuous, discrete masses of land, ideally separated by expanses of water."

    -The Myth of Continents: A Critique of Metageography

    By Martin W. Lewis, Kären Wigen

    The definition of continents often depends completely on your point of view. Many people consider the Americas one continent (in the same way people consider Eurasia or even Africa-Eurasia a continent) because it is one continuous landmass with no natural divisions.

    That being said, the best answer is probably North America because South America clearly seems to be it's own large landmass. Often the two are divided along the Panama Canal. Although the canal is artificial, so, one could point out, is the practice of dividing up continents.

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    It is on North America

    On the link it is on the right of the page where it says it is in north America

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    it's in North America

  • 1 decade ago

    Costa Rica straddles both the Caribbean and Cocos Plates.

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