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47 Million Americans without Health Insurance, ....really?

Think about it... It's been at least 5 years of that same number, yet we've lost millions of Jobs (Literally) More and More Companies are going to "part time" or "Co payments" as opposed to paying outright, health insurance, Cost of Living, Cost of care, cost of energy...etcetcetc..

But still that same 47 Million Americans walk around with no Health Insurance????????????

I'd say that Number is Bogus, how about you ?

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    Actually it takes money to gather data of that type, and whether it is 47 million or 50-52 million, the urgency remains unchanged.

    Part of the data shows that the number rose 2.2 million between 2005 and 2006, and by 9 million since 2000.

    the 47 milloion number is a 2005 estimate.

    But thanks for the question, this problem needs to stay in front of peoples' faces.

    And some people need to be better educated on the fact at how health care prices go up, so they see they are already paying for the health care for people who cannot pay.

    Subsidized health insurance should prevent that, and make their own health care costs rise slower.

    Not exacty sure where people get the idea that most are ilegal immigrants when 80% are native Americans or naturalized citizens.

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    In the US stats don't change much unless it starts affecting the rich.

    Nearly 40 percent of the uninsured population reside in households that earn $50,000 or more.1 A growing number of middle-income families cannot afford health insurance payments even when coverage is offered by their employers.

    Why is the number of uninsured people increasing?

    Millions of workers don’t have the opportunity to get health coverage. A third of firms in the U.S. did not offer coverage in 2006.4

    Nearly two-fifths (38 percent) of all workers are employed in smaller businesses, where less than two-thirds of firms now offer health benefits to their employees.7 It is estimated that 266,000 companies dropped their health coverage between 2000-2005 and 90 percent of those firms have less than 25 employees.

    Rapidly rising health insurance premiums are the main reason cited by all small firms for not offering coverage. Health insurance premiums are rising at extraordinary rates. The average annual increase in inflation has been 2.5 percent while health insurance premiums for small firms have escalated an average of 12 percent annually.4

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  • Phil M
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    Actually that number, 47 million, came from a 2005 Government study. Its considered the most recent and factually based study and that is why its used.

    Its not bogus, you just assume they conduct these studies every quarter evidently....

    I am not saying the site linked I have is unbiased, it is most likely biased, but it has some good information for you.

    "Nearly 90 million people - about one-third of the population below the age of 65 spent a portion of either 2006 or 2007 without health coverage.3 "

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  • Anonymous
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    I'd say you are wrong. It is an estimate, not an exact figure.

    Nearly 47 million Americans, or 16 percent of the population, were without health insurance in 2005, the latest government data available.

    The number of uninsured rose 2.2 million between 2005 and 2006 and has increased by almost 9 million people since 2000.

    The large majority of the uninsured (80 percent) are native or naturalized citizens.

    The increase in the number of uninsured in 2006 was focused among working age adults. The percentage of working adults (18 to 64) who had no health coverage climbed from 19.7 percent in 2005 to 20.2 percent in 2006.1 Nearly 1.3 million full-time workers lost their health insurance in 2006.

    Nearly 90 million people - about one-third of the population below the age of 65 spent a portion of either 2006 or 2007 without health coverage.3

    Over 8 in 10 uninsured people come from working families - almost 70 percent from families with one or more full-time workers and 11 percent from families with part-time workers.

    The percentage of people (workers and dependents) with employment-based health insurance has dropped from 70 percent in 1987 to 59 percent in 2006. This is the lowest level of employment-based insurance coverage in more than a decade.4, 5

    In 2005, nearly 15 percent of employees had no employer-sponsored health coverage available to them, either through their own job or through a family member.6

    In 2006, 37.7 million workers were uninsured because not all businesses offer health benefits, not all workers qualify for coverage and many employees cannot afford their share of the health insurance premium even when coverage is at their fingertips.

    The number of uninsured children in 2006 was 8.7 million - or 11.7 percent of all children in the U.S.1 The number of children who are uninsured increased by nearly 610,000 in 2006, the second year that the number of uninsured children increased.

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    I dont know about the exact # of amercans with out insurance but if you think about it there are many who do have jobs and there JOBS are to cheap to have company insurance thus not allowing employees to have insurance.

    Then there are these same employees who may have children and they are stuck without insurance.

    Then you have senior citizens who are living with out insurance for heathcare as well. I know for fact my mother is one of them and any cost she has for RX or to she her physician will come straight out of her pocket. None of this will be covered by a HMO. Yet she is still to young for Medicaid or medicare.

    So the # could be high or low but what every the # is, its not satisfactory.To many people are suffering without medical care and are going without there medicine due to the high cost of care. And it is a shame that so many of Americans are suffering whether they are young or old.

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    I think the question would better be... How many Americans are uninsured because they cannot AFFORD insurance AND who are REALLY Americans? Many of the over-inflated stats that are tossed around include healthy young adults who CHOOSE not to buy insurance, even though they can AND illegal aliens who shouldn't be counted to begin with. So, yeah, I think the number is bogus, too... But for totally different reasons.

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    I so not want to pay for other peoples health care, simple. I still think it's up to each person to get their own and to do whatever they have to do in their own personal cases to do it. It wouldn't be so bad but a lot of people abuse themselves, 9 out of 10 people are on some kind of depression pill (My loved one is on them too) and many don't seek real help, and others like me don't go until they are in bad shape and it cost a fortune. Why do I have to pay for these?

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  • KAR36
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    1 decade ago

    I have known some people with minimal health insurance

    or those who struggle to pay high monthly premiums their employers would not pay, or else they did not have a job.

    The system is broken so nothing really surprises me.

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  • About 15 million of those people aren't Americans, but here illegally.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Medical expenses are the #1 reason for Bankruptcy in the US. Something needs to be done.

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