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Why do Liberals constantly rail against Fox News? Conservatives never complain about MSDNC?

Why cant Libs deal with hearing both sides of the issue? They would rather listen to Chris Matthews say how Obama sends a chill up his leg.


Troyb : MSDNC is MS Democrat National Convention. You just showed your ignorance. Thank you.

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    Conservatives believe in free speech and liberals don't. Libs should be more careful though, things like that always have a way of backfiring on them. What they say is a talking point right out of sorros's mouth into his many websites and 527 he is using to get Obama elected. They want to discredit the only fair and balanced news outlet on TV. They have to do it in order to get their guy elected.

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    Why do conservatives get to constantly complain about CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, etc. but liberals can't complain about Fox News? The only network that comes close to running with their bias as much as Fox News is MSNBC. Just because you see a slight bias in several networks does not mean one network with very heavy bias in the opposite direction should be immune from criticism. Most studies have shown that Fox News is the least factually accurate. Edit: Funny, I don't see Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, Anne Coulter, Sarah Palin, Mark Levine, Bill Cunningham, Michelle Bachmann, or countless other conservatives posting in Y!A.

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    Troy B hit it on the head. Fox News is not real news. They are registered as an entertainment network. The Jon Stewart show has more credibility than Fox.

    Fox uses the "some people say..." tactic to spread rumors. They will start with "some people say...." and then go in to say anything they want and pretend it's credible. The problem is all of the inbred morons that watch this crap think it's real. Suddenly you have mouth breathers going around saying things like, "some people are saying Obama is a muslim and that he hates America. I saw it on the news."

    Fox News is a cult and people that subscribe to it are either dumber than rocks or are extremely ignorant and hateful and this station caters to both of these crowds. If you hate blacks or gays, Fox News only focuses on stories where they can bad mouth black and gay people as a whole group.

    I feel sorry for you if your brain hasn't evolved enough to see through their crap.

    I doubt you really care but if you really want to know why people, not liberals, but people in general, rail against Fox News you can go on Youtube and original statements made by Obama and other Dems and see the way Fox News edits out certain parts of the videos to make it seem as if Obama is racist or "unAmerican".

    Source(s): If you really care you can watch any one of hundreds of videos on Youtube where they were caught blatantly lying. I doubt you will even look.
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    Oh let them complain. That's fun for them. I quit watching it years ago since I consider all news to be propoganda. I surf the web, read a little, and watch or listen to the BBC once in a while. If people think Fox is so bad, they should listen to the stuff on the shortwave. Tinfoil time!

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    Fox News has become the biggest cable news network, and it is has a slant on the news that is more favorable to Republicans than most major media outlets.

    Conservatives never complain about MSNBC because no one is watching it. Instead, conservatives complain about the New York Times.

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    Fox news to a liberal is like a cross or garlic to a vampire. When they say the truth hurts they mean it. Liberals are doom sayers and and dont want the public to be in a good posistion and Fox brings both sides of the story and it usually turns out to be not as bad as liberals want you to believe

    Source(s): Have you noticed that most of the Libs just called you a bunch of names and they just HAD to point out a misspell., That is the level of their IQ
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    Educated people know not to whine. Most people know Fox News carters to conservative issues and most know that MSDNC and cnn carters to liberals. There are some conservatives that think Fox News doesn't represent Conservative principles......

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    Because I have seen FOX News. I have never heard of MSDNC and I couldn't pick Chris Matthews out of a lineup.

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    Liberal News today wont's to create news in stead of reporting news, it is a part of the new liberal fascists movement, to support world domination.. This new order half to control the U.S.A. first with in, before it proclaim its self to the rest of the World.

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    It's MSNBC(Microsoft National Broad Cast)

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