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home or natural remedies for sinus infection?

i know i have a sinus infection,ive had them before.but my dr cant see me till next wednasday!!! i have 2 lengthy double shifts coming up fri/ on there anything i can do,buy or take that will get me thru till my appointment? i have a lot of pain and pressure,i feel fatigued and work is becoming difficult.thanx to all-please, i need help !!!!

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    netti pot! I love them works every time

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    My husband uses this to keep from getting bronchitis, and I use to to cure sinus infections. THere are many kinds of bacteria that live in the sinuses, and this gets rid of all the bad ones!.This is the only thing that really helped me --- my Dr. told me about a sinus wash that will kill bacteria.

    you need

    distilled water

    sea salt

    liquid chlorophyll and colloidal silver from the health food store.

    in a glass mix 1/4 cup water with a pinch of salt and heat to body temperature.

    add 5 drops each silver and chlorophyll and mix.

    using a large dropper (like one used for infant medication) drop 2 full droppersfull into one side of the nose while laying down.

    Turn the head and let it drain out the other nostril. Be sure to have paper towels handy.

    The silver kills the bacteria and there are several hundred kind that can live in the sinus cavities and anti biotics don't get rid of them all.

    Do this twice a day for a week, mixing up the mixture fresh each time.

    Then do it once a week for maintenance.

    There is nothing in this that will hurt you, and it cured me.

    I do not have to take claritin, or antibiotics anymore.

    best wishes

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    Sometimes a Netti pot can help but sometimes it can spread the infection to the ear. I know, I've had a few. If you're an adult (I'm assuming you are), then you can take between 400 and 800 mg of Tylenol or Advil about every 4 hours or as needed. It will significantly reduce the pain and pressure. I suggest taking a Tylenol one time, and an Advil the next. Alternate between the two. This is what my doctor had me do and it worked very well until the infection was healed.

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    Buy a Water Vaporiser, add Baking Soda to the container, with filtered water, or better add a little Colloidal Silver as well.

    Breathe in through the nostrils, for 10-30minutes atleast twice daily, morning, and prior to bed, or better 4 times daily.

    This will kill any bacteria, or yeast species that is causing the sinusitis.

    Buy one that looks like this, do not get it confused with the herb vaporisers, its this one I am refering to:

    Hope this helps.

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    GRAPEFRUIT SEED EXTRACT! Read online about it and how it helps sinus infections amongst many other things. You dilute it in water and squirt it in your nose. It is highly antibacterial, anti fungal, etc.... and will help you fast. Try it! Available at health food stores or online.

  • do a saline or salt water drip. It'll hurt a little but it'll def. get all the blockage out and relieve some pressure.

    tilt your head back and drip the solution down your nose and spit it out when it comes to your throat. It's pretty gnarly and intense but the relief is insane.

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    Drink peppermint tea, and use hot compresses with a few drops of peppermint oil.

    Fresh carrot juice is also helpful.

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    go to one of those natural stores and buy some pepermint oil its totaly natural and soothing rub it aroud your nose i have sinus problems to and it always helps make sure you keep it on you though

    and also get any type of ment it may help a little for stuffy nose

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    saltwater nasal spray

    steam inhalations (with essential oils)



    ginger or peppermint herbal tea

    grapefruit seed extract

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