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Anonymous asked in Cars & TransportationBuying & Selling · 1 decade ago

can anyone give me information about a 1997 camaro?

i am looking at a 1997 camaro. 6 cylinder 5 speed. 125k miles. they are asking 2500 obo. just replaced brakes and clutch. can anyone give me advice on weather or not this is a good deal? does anyone kno what gas milage it gets? any info is apriciated

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  • 1 decade ago
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    125,000 is alot of miles i would try and chew them down 1997 is 11 yrs old was it well cared for how is the paint you need to inspect the car and look for all the flaws you can find rite them down while looking car over check oil smell dip stick make sure it dont smell burned check tranny fluid see if it looks new as oil to start car up let it get hot then drive around block park for a few minutes then pull up see if there is and oil leaked on the ground from engine leaks make sure spot didnt have any before u move see if you can climb under car by drivers seat see if floor boards are rotted on eather side look in trunk for rustlook at engine see if its clean or very dirt if very dirty most likely had an engine leek and dirt stuck to it look at plug wires see if the look new as distributor cap will tell ya if car was well takin care of and may help ya get a lower price good luck you can aslo go to nada web site do a title search make sure car wasnt in a flood or any accidents

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