Internet Service Providers in Canada?

So today I opened up my web browser like I usually do and I get a message saying i have reached my cap of 60GB downloading, and that they were going to charge $2 per extra GB downloaded. I was enthralled to find this out, since it used to be Unlimited downloading earlier. Anywho, are there any other ISP's in Canada (more particurly in Ontario) that offer Unlimited GB downloading without a stupid cap? Rogers has betrayed me.


forgot to add, I meant cable - as in 700+ kb/sec dl speed.

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    1 decade ago
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    If you want cable internet the only options are Rogers and Cogeco they both have caps and are pricey.

    I know you don't want DSL but this is where you will get the best bang for your buck. Check out They offer an unlimited package for $39 or 200gb for $29 (which is more then enough). They are also known for there customer service. I would also suggest checking out for great user info for internet.

    Good Luck

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