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Anonymous asked in Food & DrinkCooking & Recipes · 1 decade ago

does anyone have a recipe for the iraqi flat bread samoon? my husband is serving in iraq and loves this bread.

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    3 tablespoons dry yeast

    1 tablespoon sugar

    1/2 cup warm water

    8 cups white bread flour

    1 cup wheat bran

    1 tablespoon salt

    3 cups of water, or 2 cups of milk or buttermilk and 1 cup water

    1/4 cup oil

    Glazing: 1 egg whisked with 1 tablespoon water

    1. Dissolve yeast and sugar in 1/2 cup warm water and set aside 5 min

    2. In a big bowl mix flour, bran and salt. Make a well in the middle.

    3. Pour yeast mixture, water and oil into the well. with a wooden sppon stir it and then with oily hands knead it for 6-7 min. Oil it on both sides and set it aside covered in a warm place, until doubled in size

    Preheat oven to 450 degrees F. Punch down dough, divide it into 10 portions, let it rest for 10 min.

    Quickly roll one piece between the palms until it becomes 7-8 inches long. Lay it flat on baking sheet, flatten to broaden the middle part and make it look diamond shaped with nippled ends. Repeat with rest of the portions.

    Take a very sharp knife or razor blade and make 2 diagonal or one long slash in the middle. Allow it to rise in a warm place coverd with a linen towel for about 30 min.

    When done rising, glaze it and put it in oven. Take a spray bottle with warm water and spray the breads, inside the oven and the oven door and quickly shut to avoid the moisture going out. Do the spraying twice during the first 5 min of baking. Bake 15-18 min, when done put it in big paper bag lined with linen towel, if you want it very crisp, let it cool on a rack.

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  • rooker
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    4 years ago

    Iraqi Bread

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  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    This Site Might Help You.


    does anyone have a recipe for the iraqi flat bread samoon? my husband is serving in iraq and loves this bread.

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  • 1 decade ago

    The only thing I could find was this:

    Arabic Flatbread

    I'll tell you what you can put there :

    2 cups flour (~200g)

    150 mL lukewarm water

    60 mL (1/4 cup) olive oil + more for topping

    teaspoon of sugar

    1 packet of active dry yeast

    Spices: 1 teaspoon salt, sesame seeds

    Flatbread is incredibly tasty fresh and plain, but even tastier when it has sesame seeds or za'atar on top. Even though we often call pita with za'atar pita bread, this is often misconstrued by English speakers. Pita is any kind of flatbread, and not just the pocket bread that is called pita here in the US. This recipe shows you how to make a thick flatbread more akin to focaccia, and this is what is used to make a delicious snack bread with any variety of toppings.

    First, mix the yeast in with the warm water and sugar. Let it stand for 5–10 minutes . In a large bowl mix the flour, salt and oil. Add the yeast mixture when it starts to foam and mix well. The dough will be a little sticky and you should knead it until smooth and elastic, about 10 minutes. Remove to a warm place to rise for one hour, or until it doubles in size.

    Punch down the dough and knead it again for a couple of minutes. On a floured work surface, roll the dough into a cylinder shape and divide into about 6 balls. Roll out each ball into a disc shape; cover and let rise again for 30 minutes. Your bread dough is now ready and all you have to do is add the toppings. I pour generous amounts of olive oil and sprinkle on za'atar on top.

    To bake, place the dough in a hot oven (500ºF) for about 5–6 minutes, or until the corners turn brown. Ideally this should be done in a clay oven or on a pizza stone in your regular oven. Pull it out and eat it hot! These make great snacks for the kids. Mmmm...

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