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I'm going to Canada and I don't want to spend a lot of money in accommodation?

What would be the cheapest accomodation in Montreal and Niagara Falls? I'm driving, so distance wouldn't be a problem. I'm planning going in August.

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    For Montreal:


    For Ontario accomodations and "sights" info check out


    If you have time and are driving from Montreal to Niagara Falls a side trip to Ottawa is worthwhile. Especially Museum of Civilization located across the river from Ottawa in Hull, Quebec.

    Parliament Buildings, Rideau Canal area is nice. All those tax dollars from us other poor slob Canadians is put to good effect there!

    If you want to see real Ontario use Hwy#7 and not 401 freeway from ottawa thru Peterborough area heading south west. It will take you skirting around the northern edge of Toronto. If thats on your plans; CN Tower (1800 m.) (go in early evening for both day and nite views)

    Ontario Place and Science World all cool. Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto is on like mid-Aug to first week Sept.. also a must see if there. Wonderland north of Torornto has amazing roller coasters.

    On to Niagra Falls... I wouldnt book more than a full day for the Falls /... you view them yes very wonderous and all, go in the tunnels underneath and/or go to Maid of Mist ride (yes worthwhile) see a wax museum perhaps and outta there.

    Marineland near Niagara Falls is another day if you have time to kill.

    Have fun...

    next year come to the real Canada.... BC/Alberta :)

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    Can't help you w/ Montreal.

    When I went to Niagara Falls, I stayed at the youth hostel. It's reasonably clean, and very cheap. We had a group of 12 so took a couple of large rooms all to ourselves, but they may also have private 2-person rooms. If you do stay there, eat breakfast at Dad's Diner about 2 blocks away. It's crazy the amount of food they give you there for so little money.

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    Best Western, Holiday Inn, Super 8

    They have the chepeast deals.

    In Montreal, stay in the Lavale area, the Radisson is fairly priced and pretty nice.

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