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What's the worst that could happen if I wear jeans to jury duty?

I'm only going because I have to. I plan on jeans, button down shirt, decent shoes (not sneakers). What could they say if I show up like that? I really don't give two s h i t s if I'm picked.

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    Clean, neat, no holes, no frayed or ragged hems.

    Ummm....and lose the attitude. If you piss off the judge, he can make your life miserable, starting with "You will not wear jeans in my courtroom" (which is perfectly within his right to do).

    Our court system is one of the best in the world. It only works because we have citizens, not lawyers, who sit on a jury to decide each case. I've served on juries twice - once on a criminal case and once on a civil case - and these were fascinating experiences. And believe me, you will have some terrific stories to tell afterwards!

    I know it can be a pain to be on a jury. Invariably you're stuck going downtown to the courthouse. You have to pay to park. You have to buy lunch at overpriced restaurants or sandwich shops. Your boss hassles you because you didn't get out of it. But when it's all over, I really think you'll be glad you did it.

    But like I said - don't go into the courtroom with an attitude. "Yes, Your Honor" and "thank you, sir" go a long way toward getting the judge on your side if you need to present a reason why you should be excused. If your manners are top-notch, the judge won't care that you're wearing jeans.

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    my hubby had to serve jury duty a few years ago. he wore jeans (new ones not old raggedy ones) because at the time he didnt own a nice pair of dressier slacks. but honest opinion? id wear something a little dressier if i had it. like others have said you could be in contempt of court if not dressed nicely and i also agree that you dont want to upset the judge. go into this with a positive attitude. let me clue you from experience they choose probably about 300 "applicants" for jury duty so in reality whos to say youll even get picked?

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    It sounds fine by me. They don't pay you enough to go out and buy a new outfit. Besides, after you are picked, the lawyers are trying to impress YOU, not the other way around. Like someone said, they may set up a dress code though.

    You can try asking this in the Law and Ethics section of Y!A. There may be some lawyers and judges hanging around there who can give you a better answer.

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    you're performing a civic accountability, as might desire to be dressed to look professional, not casual. Your judgment and opinion is going to be valued, and while you're dressed to casually, you would be omitted. I certainly have seen jury contributors removed from the jury and adjusted with alternates in the event that they're dressed down. solid success.

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    Jeans are fine. My husband has been called 3 times in the last couple of years and he's worn jeans every time and even wore tennis shoes the last time. Clean and neat is the main thing.

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    The worst that could happen? You could get picked.

    Jeans are acceptable attire to wear during jury selection, but if you are picked, they may set a dress code.

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    Jeans are perfectly fine for jury duty. I have worn them many times. If they are not torn there should not be any problem.

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    Nothing will happen, that seems like acceptable attire.

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    contempt of court?

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    I don't think anyone will notice.

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