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Better for diabetics: a sweet potato or white potato?

Which is better for a diabetic, a plain baked sweet potato or a plain baked regular (white) potato? And why?

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    White potatoes send my blood sugars up (fries - so evil!).

    I can have sweet potatoes if they are baked, not the kind people make at thanksgiving with all the marshmallows and brown sugar. But a baked sweet potato does not send my blood sugar up.

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    Ok, My Indocrinologist Told Me That A White Potato Is Better For Me Yes It May Have More Carbs But That Doesnt Really Matter All You Have To Do Is Cover It.

    Secondly A Sweet Potato Has Less Carbs But Has Alot More Sugar.

    Why Is Because Sugar Will Bring Your Bloodsugar Thru The Roof And You Wont Feel That Great..

    Hope I Helped [:

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    Plain baked sweet potato is better with approximately 21 grams of carbohydrates. Plain white potato is around 51 grams. Lower carbohydrate foods are recommended for diabetics, but an occasional white potato planned in a meal otherwise low in carbs would be okay.

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