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Did Jay Leno Say Something Bad About Obama ?

Jay Leno is being forced to leave the show , by Manager and CEO of GE Mr. I love Iran Immelt. Did he bash Obama or what? Nobody knows the reasons?


Jay Leno's last day is in the end of the month of May 09'. Forced to retire .

Update 2:

I don't think so, he has some issues going on at that network.

Update 3:

Heard he may have a show on ABC or FOX.

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    He is not being forced to leave...this has been in the works for a really long time...I heard about the year a long time ago..and the plan was always that Conan would take his place.

    Jay leno is a McCain supporter...I know his family in Mass. and they are and always have been avid republicans and red sox fans too...good people.

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    Leno has had the tonight show chair for 16 years, the execs at NBC think its time for a change to attract younger viewers.

    Carson was on over 20 years and NBC saw their demographic shift to senior citizens. They don't wish to make the same mistake with Leno.

    This has nothing to do with politics, just business

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    That wasn't a debate. Did you even watch it? Stewart vs. Cramer was a debate. This was a simple question / answer session. Do you really think Obama was clueless? Did you even listen to his very articulate response? It's because if ignorant remarks like yours that I hold no respect for people that rant on Y!A

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    NBC set a timeframe for Leno to 'retire' years ago. The current election has nothing to do with it.

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    Congratulations. You've learned the first rule of Wildly False Rumor-Mongering 101: Cite no sources at all.

    Here's one (if you google Leno now, you can find about 7000 iterations of this same article) from the Tribune, which characterizes both Leno and NBC as eager to try new directions:

    Nothing about politics, about which Leno has been fairly even-handed and pedestrian in his humor.

    Your theory is baseless and sourceless. You also seem to forget that Jay Leno is and has always been tragically unfunny.

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    I don't think he is being forced out.

    Release the Hounds: I disagree with you on just about everything, but at least you come up with some good zingers!

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    Usually I agree with your posts, and line of questioning, but I disagree with the basic premise of this one, AFAIK he is simply retiring.

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    Leno is just another idiot comedian living off the misery of hard working Americans and immoral politicians.

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    I heard on tv he's probably going over to ABC

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    He announced his retirement five years ago. He's just now picked the exact date.

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