Has anyone done this at Starbucks?

I have always made a point of ordering "small, medium, or large" instead of their ridiculous mixed-language terms. I feel like if I'm paying them, I'm not obligated to learn how to talk like a pretentious idiot in order to get their product. I have persisted even when I get "corrected".

Has anyone else done this? And yes, I know it's kind of petty.

So glad my office has sent me on coffee runs to McDonald's instead lately, where I can order in English, and that Starbucks stores aren't coming up like weeds anymore! I'm lovin' it! :-)


I'd much prefer going local, but everyone tends to agree on a chain, unfortunately.

Update 2:

IP, I just about fell out of my chair! Thank you!

Update 3:

I'm a secretary. I have to make coffee runs for the office at least once a week. I prefer Diet Pepsi. And I'm happy to be hated.

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    1 decade ago
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    YES - I alwasy say "medium" or "large"! (I never get a small cup of coffee, lol)

    Fortunately, we have a lot of very good independent coffee shops near where I live. Not that I hate starbucks or anything. I do like their coffee. But it's nice to have choices.

    Here's a quick Starbucks story for you.

    I was in a local one a while ago and the the two barristas were talking to each other. One of them was telling about a photography exhibit he has recently seen. He mentioned that he really liked it because it wasn't as pretentious as some exhibits can be. The other barrista replied, "What does pretentious mean?" as he prepared a tall half decaf carmel frappachino...

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    I used to do it. I would order a large black coffee without sprinkles because I'm a badass.

    I was flying with a friend from Italy once, and the lady at the airport Starbucks in Cleveland tried to correct his pronunciation of "grande". It was hilarious.

    I have nothing against Starbucks, but I dislike their coffee. I love coffee, I drink a lot of it, and I spend a lot of money on good beans. Starbucks has one of the worst-tasting coffees out of the chain places. With whipped cream and sugar it tastes fine, but their coffee is way too acidic on its own.

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    No I haven't, and yes it' s petty when you say that. I think people are impressed when you order by the correct name. Espicially if your ordering a cup of coffee that has a long name then you say the size in front, you sound so smart. One time I said " I like to order an Iced Grande Dulce De Lache" and the person asked if I was french because I said it so well.

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    People do that all the time. However in my region a lot of people speak Spanish, so "grande" to them means large. "Grande" is medium in Starbucks language, so after all this I usually just say small, medium, or large.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I've done that. I mean this is america. the main language is english so lets just stick with the small, medium, and large

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    I've done it, I say small and either they get my order right or I get a large for the price of a small because they misheard me.

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    of course. and starbucks coffee sucks anyway. they purposely burn their beans. go try to find a local coffee shop around your work...i find they are much less pretentious.

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    1 decade ago

    Yes, I order like that at starbucks. It's not my prob. if noone there can speak simple english...LOL

  • 9buzz
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    1 decade ago

    Yes I have done that.

    They corrected me and I said "Small right?"

    And they said yeah Tall.

    And I was like "ok whatever."

  • 1 decade ago

    um wow.... if you seriously have a problem with Starbucks, then why do you go? don't be so ignorant. i seriously hate customers like you.... just go some place else.... this wasnt even a question... it was a pointless rant....

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