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I think I bit my tongue REALLY hard while sleeping one night.?

Now I have a purplish spot in the bite mark, a lump in my tongue and some swelling...AND, the muscles in the front of my neck are sore, along with my jaw muscles and a little bit into my ear...has this ever happened to anyone and if so, what did you do about it? I'll probably just have to be careful with it and let it heal on it's own...any thoughts? Ideas???

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    dont worry however be carefull whatever you eat ,

  • 4 years ago

    attempt utilising a breastmilk pumping gadget to pump your milk into bottles superb till now you leave for artwork. So while it's time to place your infant to sleep, all daddy has to do is heat the milk up slightly and feed it to her. She might have get use to the bottle, yet its no longer that no longer undemanding at 4 months. you additionally can tell the father to stroll around the room, sing to her, rock her back and forth to permit her hear to 3 "comfortable" music. locate issues which will calm her down and make her sleepy.

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