If the Pittsburgh Pirates played in the NL West, would they win the division this year?

A lot of people look at this team and see the Pirates of the last 20 years. I look at them and I see a lot of talented young athletes on their team. If they weren't playing in one of the toughest divisions in baseball this season I think they'd have a shot at a playoff spot in a different division.

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    The Pirates show promise ...but their pitching is atrocious. One poster made an excellent point about locale .. I will assume that what you meant was that, given the records of the current teams in the NL West, the Pirates could win THAT division, logistics not withstanding.

    First - Freddy Sanchez has to fess up about his shoulder. Second, you need Capps to come back to health and Gorzelanny, Snell, Maholm and Duke to start showing some consistency. Then, if you trade Bay or Nady, what do you get in return? Can Pearce play the OF regularly? Is Mc Louth for real? Mc Cutcheon? Walker?

    Ten years of Mc Clatchy have taken a toll. Let's see how committed they are to winning in three weeks when the deadline for signing Alvarez comes.

    They're still a few players away.

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    Yes, because if they knew they were only 3 or 4 games out they would play a lot better just because of the fact even if they dont get over .500 they still would had a chace to win the NL West. Also, I think if they can get a consistent hitter or a above average pitcher before the deadline they have a chace to be over .500.

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    Anybody in the NL Central right now could win the NL West: The Reds, Astros, and Pirates could all win it.

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    No. I don't see Andy VanSlyke, Bobby Bo, Barry Bonds, Doug Drabek on the team or Jim Leyland on the bench. They are young and talented, but they still wouldn't win the West.

  • No, because their division schedule would be hideous. It wouldn't be like the old NL West. Imagine the traveling. They would lose more games.

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    No because they just got swept by the Rockies in 4 games.

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    They would be better but wouldn't win it.

    If they were to switch divisions, they would go to the east

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    maybe....maybe not

    who knows????

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