what is the difference between natural motion and violent motion?

natural motion - included the apparent movements of celestial objects, the faling of objects and substances have a natural place or level such as air above, water below and they proceed in the most direct way, along straight vertical paths to their natural places.

violation motion - which were any motions resulting from acts of volition of living beings.

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    This is Aristotelean philosophy and is about 400 years out of date.

    Artistotle divided motion into the 'natural' motions and the 'violent' motions. Natural motions were those motions that objects naturally did: objects on earth fell towards the center of the earth. Heavenly objects naturally moved in circles. Violent motion was *anything* other than this. So, to pick up a rock was considered a violent motion.

    This view of physics was completely replaced when Issac Newton published his laws of motion in 1687. It had been challenged by Galileo and Kepler in the early 1600's. No physicist today sees Aristotle's views as having any validity whatsoever. They have been thoroughly debunked.

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    Natural Motion Definition

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    A motion is natural when it occurs according the law of physics; a motion is violent when it is done otherwise. However, none has ever violated the law of physics. Throwing a stone upward is a violent motion because it is contrary to the law of gravity; but its eventual return downward is natural motion because it conforms to the law of gravity. Motion is within the realm of physics. In a soft-ball game, when the pitcher served his throw being a "curved ball" -- that's still natural because that could still be explained by the law of aero-dynamics. To the beholders' eyes, however, they aren't because they may have forgotten that they are still breathing air. The same air that affected the movement of the spinning ball rushing forward in a seemingly straight direction. Therefore, nothing is not natural in motion as far as the law of motion is concerned. Violent motion is also natural; but it is only executed or done differently. If there is any difference, then it is because one occured and the other is done.

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