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how can tree planting can prevent soil erosion?

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    Because the strong roots of the trees holds the soil and preventing it from being very soft. Also the roots of the trees drink water from the soil which lessen the probability to have floods.So better not do illegal loggings and other human activities that can destroy nature.

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    The trees have roots which bind the soil and prevents it from easily being carried away be wind or water.

    The roots of the trees also absorb the water from the soil,therefore preventing floods!

    If plants are planted in a mix, say growing shrubs,perennials,trees,groundcovers together it would be more effective to prevent erosion, as this mixture of plants provide layers of vegetation that reduce the force of rainfall before it hits the ground! This is mostly practiced in hillsides as they are most prone to erosion!

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    Plants acts as protective shields to the soil lessening the impact of rainfall, wind and excessive watering. The spongy root system bind the soil and help stabilize the soil and prevent it from becoming prone to soil erosion.

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    - the tree's leaves reduces the force of the wind which helps in reducing the chances of erosion.

    - its stem or bark acts as a wall against the wind & water to prevent erosion.

    - its long and strong roots help to prevent erosion; it grabs in water preventing erosion by water & its strong roots help to keep the tree balanced so that it does not blow away by the wind

    - Its strong roots also help to prevent the soil from being soft so that it does not blow along with the wind.

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    the tress and plants block the soil from being soft, and it hold the soil in place. also, the roots of the trees drink water from the soil so that there is a less chance of flooding in the area. The tree roots act like netting and protect the soil from being eroded.

    Source(s): My science teacher taught me
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    Trees have roots. This roots found at the bottom serves as a sponge which helps in sipping the extra water in the soil. This roots hold the soil tightly; thus, preventing soil erosion.

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    the roots of the trees hold the soil it helps to prevent soil erosion

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    Trees roots hold the soil in place

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    First of foremost, plants are of different kinds. Example trees Shrubs, Vines & Grasses.

    1. They serve as vegetative covers in erodible areas. Examples are Alder, Madre de cacao, Paper mulberry, Tibig, Benguet ect..

    2. Their roots can grow rapidly, while their vegetative parts can form dense and spreading canopy/crown to provide immediate protection to the area. Examples are Calliandra, Anchoan dilaw, Akleng parang, Rain tree, Giant ipil-ipil & Acacia.

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    the roots of the tree holds the land... very strong holding..

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